Kelly Rowan has confirmed that the oc season 4 has been picked up for ONLY 16 EPISODES

kellyseason31.jpg (Kelly Rowan/Kirsten Cohen) 

Like i said, this is one of the reasons why i’ve dedicated this site to saving the oc! The show is only getting renewed for 16 episodes for season 4

(read on)………. 

“Rowan says the hectic shooting schedule of The O.C. is all-consuming. They typically start filming in early July and wrap the following May. And as followers of the Fox drama know, in last week’s season finale, the willowy teen-in-angst Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) was killed in a car wreck — a plot twist that Rowan and her cast mates didn’t even know was coming. “We found out during the last episode,” insists Rowan, who plays the winsome, blond Kirsten, wife of public defender Sandy (Peter Gallagher).

“The last six pages were missing at the end of the script. We were informed we were going to shoot two different endings and then make a decision.”

Rumours swirled that Barton wanted out to pursue a feature-film career, but if that’s the case, Rowan’s not spilling dirt. “I have no idea,” she insists. “All I know is we just got picked up for 16 new episodes. Still, it’s hard to lose a cast member,” she adds. “She was a really important element of the show, and there was a real bond between those four teenage characters.

“I still enjoy doing The O.C. But series TV has its challenges. You are playing the same character year after year.”


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38 Comments on “Kelly Rowan has confirmed that the oc season 4 has been picked up for ONLY 16 EPISODES”

  1. alexis Says:

    I love the OC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont get rid of it!!!!

  2. Lisa Says:

    the OC is fantastic! It has to go on

  3. Gemma! Says:

    I hope the o.c doesnt get canceled i love it!

  4. nicki Says:

    the o.c should NOT is amazin and i love it…yeh marissa’s dead but we have other characters..the show started off bein based around ryan..why not keep it that way.ryan, seth ,summer and kaitlin are great characters…DONT CANCEL IT

  5. Emily Says:

    i love the OC! it shouldnt be canceled but marissa should not die!

  6. sara Says:

    marissa should come back somehow
    there wasnt a burial yet
    bring her back
    say she didnt die

  7. morgan Says:

    i love the show i’ve been watching for years and i won’t ever stop and i think all of them should stay alive including MARISSA! this show should be on for along time otherwise they would be making a big mistake to take it off the air!!!

  8. dc Says:

    i have a brilliant idea, i think marrissa should be in a coma for a while and then return! that would be my dream.the oc cannnot be cancelled, its the only good teen tv show there is and nothing could ever compare to it.

  9. fuck off Says:

    i fuckin can’t believe this why only 16 i want the whole 23.i glad Marrissa’s gone i never lked her anywayz she always had to drag Ryan with her

  10. Natalie Says:

    Hey, I love the oc and agree with everyone else about not wanting to cancel the show I didn’t even know about this site until right now I am going to tell all my friends… I know the Marissa was kidda a B*t*h but she should not leave the show everyone is left in suspence right now because we have heard that she is on a 6 year contract and it has only been 4 years so bring her back! everyone in my town of brockville Ontario Canada Loves the show even my friends moms and my mom get together and watch it (it’s kidda Sad;)) Im kidding… if Racheal Bilson Is so worried that thew show won’t do well then she should make the producers bring her back you will lose so many watchers and fans if she doesn’t come back… we need her!!… Marissa is a big part of this show and taking her off is going to be a mistake … I ma sitting in my classroom typeing this and my teacher is coming over here slowly so i have to go but BRING MARISSA BACK!!!! PLEASE!!! (L)(K)(F)(})

  11. shannon Says:

    i am a 29 year old mother of 2 and the o.c. is my show ,i put the kids to bed and watch it every time it is on.I have all the seasons on dvd i even got my fiance into watching it also my 12 year old we love the show and i would hate to see it end this early i know everything comes to an end but this is only year 4 and i think it could play out a bit longer,although marissa dying does not help the ratings are gonna go down if they decide keep her off and not bring her back yes the show at first was based on ryan but it also has been based on summer,seth,and yes marissa too they all started the same time and the entire show is about the challenges they face.I pictured the series finale being ryan and marissa getting back together one last time and maybe getting married or something,eeven though the show is going to continue i believe if marissa does not come back somehow either a coma or the parimedics bring her back this will be the last of the o.c.!i do not want this to end i have been a fan of 90210 and party of five for years i watched both shows from beginning to end and the o.c. is the next best show for this day and age not only for teens but for moms like myself or just fans of teen shows like this one i do not know who reads this but hopefully someone will that wants to keep this on the air for hopefully a season 5 but as i said before marissa has to come back or this will be the last thanks!!


  12. cassandra Says:

    Dont worry people…the oc will still be good…i mean hello….ryan is in it.

  13. Clide Frog Says:

    About a year ago i got the first season of OC on Dvd from a friend and i loved it like you cant belive…. the show might of gone pretty crap after season 1 with ryan doing the whole changing she style every season but the rest of the show is still kif to watch its something you can sit down and just enjoy so if it goes off i will be bumbed cause i love watch rachel bilson shack that ass…. hahahaha and this message comes from a person all the way from south africa so even african people watch it thats how good it is…..

  14. Clide Frog Says:

    About a year ago i got the first season of OC on Dvd from a friend and i loved it like you cant belive…. the show might of gone pretty crap after season 1 with ryan doing the whole changing she style every season but the rest of the show is still kif to watch its something you can sit down and just enjoy so if it goes off i will be bumbed cause i love watch rachel bilson shack that ass…. hahahaha and this message comes from a person all the way from south africa so even african people watch it thats how good it is….. Seth you rock dude!!!!!!!! and everyone knows that he made the show what it is today!!!!!!!!

  15. Fab4ever Says:

    I’m so argued with fox……noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don’t cancel the oc I love the oc and I have also signed the petition on petition spot because oc is the best teen drama ever.
    I watch the oc since I was 18 and now I’m 20….i remember the first episode’date and it was amazing,oc is my life so if the oc is cancelled I ‘ll cry a lot because it’s my life
    visit my space
    I remind you it’s in italian!!!!!!

  16. savetheoc Says:

    Clide Frog

    Hey im from SA too…… Cool 😛

  17. laura Says:

    as much as i love marissa and no one will ever compare to her, i was actually surprised of how good season 4 has been considering MARISSA IS DEAD.. well hellooo ryan is in it and my life revolves around him.. by the way i met mischa barton, yep first person in melbourne to do so.. anyway i love ryan so much and i really hope somehow that at the end of season 4 ryan wakes up and it was all a dream and marissa is alive:) god help me, anyway BYE

  18. Skye Says:

    You can’t get rid of the OC!!! you just can’t!!! it’s an awesome show!!! besides there are two really hot guys in that show!! and how could you guys kill marissa?! i have to admit that she wasn’t my favorite character but i still cried when I saw the episode!! –> because it is sooo great!!! DON’T GET RID OF IT!!!!

  19. Madison Says:

    Don’t get rid of the OC. It is my FAVORITE show! It’d be cool to somehow bring Mischa back… The show definitely misses her, but Ryan and Taylor getting together kinda fills the void in a way. There was never a funeral/burial for Marissa so can’t she be brought back somehow!? It’s still an awesome show and it better not be cancelled or I’m never watching FOX again!

  20. Emmy Lou Says:

    you can’t cancel the oc its the best show EVER!! i agree with laura… that at the end of season 4 ryan wakes up and it was all a dream so marissa can still be alive. PLEASE DONT CANCEL THE O.C .. and bring back marissa somehow!!

  21. kayla Says:

    the O.C is one of my favorite shows…… actully i don’t have a favorite show except, the O.C!!!!! Please keep it on the air, try anyway possiable to??? There are still so many people who enjoy watching the show with their whole family(even my teacher watches it.).the creator is very smart. Well If you could bring marissa back some how that would be awesome… the whole accident would be a dream for ryan and he would wake-up and marissa would be in the hospital bed right next to him. and he would be imaging what like would be like without marissa???!!!!!!!!!! him being with taylor, all sorts of other weird stuff that happen if she was gone. The ratings would be very high!!!!! PLEASE KEEP IT ON FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  22. stacie Says:

    omg i cant blive use are caciling the show because marissa/mishca died soo dousent mean u quit the show u might have low views at the moment but u dont quit it u put somthing more exsiting on it more dramas big dramas and get every one watching oc is like my favouritye show i havent missed 1 ep and i have 2 say all the eps use have had are good dont just quit the show because marissa has died tv wont be good with out the oc:(:(:(

  23. lauren Says:

    ok me and my friends really wnjoy watching the oc.. we have like o parties… it’s so my favorsite show.. yes i was very upset when they got rid of marrisa.. but i mean season 4 is still great… its not the same.. but i still love it… and many others feel the same… i mean i really dont want to see the oc end!!! Help save it!!!

  24. ciara Says:

    i think its dumb to take the show off of tv. i mean come on it was actually just getting good yeah the hole marissa and ryan stor was intresting but theres a good kirsten and sandy story. imean she was pregnant and they could of had a hole nother story about that . and julie was pregnat to so that was a nother story also. my life was revolving around that show and now its back to boring old thursdays.
    i love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the o.c . my idol the person i look up to is kelly rowan shes so funny!!!!!!!!!!. she just seems so nice and togeather.

    love always your biggest fan ever ciara

  25. Rob B Says:

    The Oc. Some how it has changed my life. Relating to both seth and ryan in different ways. The young book nerd gettin no attention – bullied and wanting the girl of his dreams , and the outcast with no hope.

    Since i have been watching this, both the characters have shown me in some way how to change my attitude and give ife a try. I was insecure, hardly any friends and had a girl of my dreams. They have shown me to chase what i desire and fight for it.

    I know there are more people out there who this show has affected emotionally, how many peoples attitues and life styles have been changed. Just Think. If you contiue, How many more peoples lives you can inspire and help like me and many others.
    *Thank You Josh Schwartz* and all cast and crew.

    I know this is just a TV show. I know these characters are just fictional. But to me, its more then this. its opened my eyes, giving me desires, dreams to chace goals to complete.
    *Thank You

  26. ciara Says:

    ok come on i mean people cant cancel the show because some one dies off. thats the dumdist thing ive ever herd. peolple who are upsesed like me are mad it was my life. kirsten was my fav caracter.

  27. oc is liiifeee Says:

    i doubt i could live without it.. :((( so sad its gone.. yes there are reruns but still… i miss the cohens and the coopers!!!!!!!! <3333

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  29. Lila Says:

    Hey! My name is Lila I am 14 years old and I am from Bulgaria. I am really the biggest Mischa Barton’s fan here in my country and I’m still very upset that Marissa Cooper died in O.C. ;(;(;( I don’t know what to say … I just want her to come back in season 5,6,7 or 8 I DON’T CARE buuuut just to come back… MISS HER SOOOO MUCH… and if someone who read my comment can do something to back Mischa Barton in the show PLEASE DO IT… DO IT FOR ALL PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD WHO LIKE HER LIKE ME AND WHO WRITE COMMENTS LIKE “why why I LOVE MARISSA COOPER MISS HER,COME BACK… ” at all videos in YOUTUBE.COM or ZAZZ.BG where marissa is in !!! Please,please,pleaseeeee ;(;(;(;(;( The O.C. is not the same without her… O.C. without Marissa is not O.C., ok? It’s … it’s sooo sad… I want her BACK … do you all people hear me… I WANT HER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. rachita Says:

    hey v luv d o.c…..plzz bing marissa bck nethn bt get her bck

  31. Ian Says:

    OMFG please don’t cancel the O.C if you already have bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t keep whatching the old ones forever!!!!!!!!!!
    You know that everyone LOVES the show if they don’t they are stupid!!

  32. dylan Says:

    hi im 15 years old iv been watching the oc as dvds since i was 12 cause they dont show them on tv at malta. i saw it all and im ashamed 2 say i cryed when i finished season 4 pls i NEED 2 know is ther going 2 be a season 5? if no im beggigng you 2 do so. i have loads of posters of them you can say my room is some kind of meuseum. i have all 4 seasons and looking forwartd 4 seaon 5. i know all the songs that r related 2 oc .

    your truly:
    biggest fan ps: i think that seth is really good.

  33. Ashley Says:

    I was happy Marissa died, but I didn’t like “environmental summer” Marissa was a slut!

  34. brittany Says:

    i want the o.c to come backon its the only show that i did love…….you would make alot of money,cuz everyone misses it so much…plez come out with more seasons…i mean u did a great job on makeaing them its my fav show….so why stop now?

  35. brittany Says:


  36. brittany Says:


  37. Josh W Says:

    I really dont kno what to make of everything ive ceen and deciding on whether or not to get excited for a season 5 or to just leave it alone.


  38. Jon Says:

    Kelly you are so beautiful and sexy that it is not funny

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