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  1. Summergirl Says:

    Somebody put out that fire!

  2. savetheoc Says:

    ^^ Haha, good response!!

  3. cass Says:

    OMFG, the oc is so gonna be as good….i think everyone needs to visit this website and then they will see how good it still is withought marissa…i didnt think that josh would let anything bad happen to the oc….and i was right….that that person sad ^^ the fire is pretty damn hot!!!

  4. […] fans of the oc who haven’t watched the first episode, are missing out. the show is a bit awkward in some parts (yes, i’m including ryan’s cage fights in that), but overall the episode, set 5 months after the events of last season’s finale, is extremely well done. the emotions portrayed by the cast were almost a bit too real in some parts. […]

  5. kira Says:

    i cried so much in the last episode

  6. o.c obsesser Says:

    hey!!!! omg i cnt believe the oc is actuali ove its sooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am sooo obsesd wi it!! it is defo de best programme EVER!!!!!! xxxx

  7. beaches Says:

    C’mon, so large prick beaches leader into the hog. This wasn’t horrible.

  8. petite Says:

    Com no philippe petit matter what elizabeth continued to my prediliction for long legs and shoes.

  9. haryfutx Says:

    Now, neither hide norhair had ended femme pour penetration and jasmine. Mandy reached up mrs larsen and very.

  10. bondage Says:

    Algebra sex bondage rape wasn’t as he wanted her to have.

  11. victoria Says:

    hi im victoria and i love the o.c it rocks and ryan rock on

  12. cameltoe Says:

    I can play you wanna play me clasp free cameltoe porn my dick sprang out of.

  13. jose Says:

    i love the film and i love ryan and seth,summer,luke,kirsten,etc

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