LOS ANGELES — “The O.C.” is coming to an end on Feb. 22, a fact that viewers may have gleaned from the sudden rush of promotional might that FOX has thrown behind the show.

“There’s been an increase in promotional time and audience that’s seeing it,” admits FOX Entertainment President Peter Liguori. “Again, it’s a reality of our schedule across the board. If we’re able to put an “O.C.” promo within “Idol,” within “24,” within football playoffs, it’s just naturally getting greater audience. And, you know, I’m hoping that the show responds accordingly.”

Thus far, ratings for the show haven’t changed appreciably, which shouldn’t be surprising given that “The O.C.” is still airing opposite new episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “CSI,” to say nothing of The CW’s “Supernatural” and NBC’s young-skewing comedies. Much has been written already about the slow trickle of promotion that greeted the fourth-year soap’s November premiere, a silence that operated in contrast to the show’s early-season creative resurgence. Since FOX and “O.C.” creator Josh Schwartz announced the impending end/cancellation, however, the network has had an active countdown warning that life as “O.C.” fans know it is coming to an end.

“We have something else to promote with, which is the series finale,” Liguori notes. “And, you know, one thing about Josh is this season he really has gone back to the old “O.C.” There’s a greater sense of humor. There’s a greater sense of frivolity. All the characters are highly activated. And these shows — and I know you’ve heard this this week in reference to other shows — we want the show to end on a creative high note. We wish we were ending on a higher ratings note. But again, I think this is respectful to Josh, all the actors, the show, its legacy, and, most importantly, the audience.”

Liguori notes that the show’s dedicated (albeit dwindling) fanbase was actually the reason why the end was announced formally and officially at the beginning of January, leaving no hope for a last-minute reprieve.

“I think, for the loyal fans of the show, announcing that this is the final season puts them on notice, alerts them, lets them realize and anticipate that Josh is going to end this with a flurry,” says Liguori. “I just think it’s respectful to fans to do that.”

Many factors have been cited in the show’s demise — poor scheduling, the death of Mischa Barton’s Marissa, the show’s second season creative dip, etc. — leaving Liguori at a bit of a loss to explain things in hindsight.

“You know, I can always Monday morning quarterback our lack of successes,” he says. “Yeah, I can sit back and say ‘I wish we put more money against promoting it.’ I can’t tell you that would have made that much of a difference. I could sit back say, ‘Should we have moved it out of Thursday night and avoided those big shows?’ Yeah. I could second-guess myself to death. The fact is that we have supported the show. The fact is that it has continued to hit its stride creatively. And these white-hot shows, they come and go a little bit quicker than your more standard fair.”

“The O.C.” finale will air on Thursday, Feb. 22.

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30 Comments on “THE O.C. ENDS ON HIGH HOPES!”

  1. blah Says:

    is this meant to be good or bad for the show? i dont know, but it seems to be Liguori gave up on the show a long time ago. and i guess its fair that an early cancellation is better than a last-minute cancellation. lets hope it does well enough in the ratings for them to consider bringing them back!!

  2. amine Says:

    so, i’m confused are they going to put it on another time slot. or what?
    cuz if they did, i’m 200% sure that it’s going to get much higher rating. i’m from The netherlands. so i dont understand english that well. can someone clear that up for me?

  3. savetheoc Says:

    This sin’t meant to be good. it is a sign that Peter Ligouri wants the end of the show to have huge ratings, he wants it to be noticed because of what the show has done for the FOX network over the last 4 years so they are advertising it like crazy so that the finale can have LOTS more viewers!

  4. blah Says:

    thats not fair.. FOX is moving Til Death, another Thursday night sufferer to Wednesdays. Why didnt they do that to The OC too? Now FOX has taken away its whole Thursday night? Its so stupid of them to cancel the oc and then now have an empty thursday night. how can they compete? they seriously need to take a marketing course again coz they suck at it

  5. blah Says:

    oh yeah… do you think FOX is going to make another teen drama like The OC? Coz didnt FOX also have Beverly Hill 90210 and stuff… theyre all teen dramas like the oc.. maybe theyre planning a new teen drama. what do you guys think?

  6. savetheoc Says:

    ^^ Iread yesterday about FOX just replacing the 9:00 PM slot with another show that thay are moving from a different timeslot to 9 PM.. I cant remember the name of the show though.

  7. josh Says:

    ok that is dumb…they talk about how the ratings are goin up but they are just goin to give up and end the show..i don’t get it

  8. wayne Says:

    I don’t get it either, the FOX guy is really weird. o_O

  9. insk Says:

    they want to make the end of “The OC” something special, to make ratings going up! I think they made a big mistake by cancelling the OC!

  10. midget oc Says:

    this is what i THINK SHOULD happen in the series finale
    kaitlyn and julie should move to paris because it was marissas favourite place
    ryan should go to college and so should seth and summer
    kirsten and sandy move back to there old place in berkeley
    because of the earth quake

  11. joacim Says:

    Seriosly, i hope they dont make any new teenshow, why make new when they can keep The OC, its sick!! screw you FOX!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

  12. philipp Says:

    guys…i don’t really know what to say, i’ve been trying to motivate myself to watch the 4th season with enthusiasm (as i did for the past 3 seasons) but since episode 6 or so i must say i’ve lost interest in the show i really loved before! it is sad but you must admit..nothing really is happening anymore! i mean, julie was developing a prostitute ring, taylor got marreid in paris, seth PROPOSED to summer….but none of those events really touches anymore. even RYAN’S FATHER came after all these years and it lasted for ONE whole episode (maybe due to the fact that there are just 16 and they have to save time…) it’s just like “oh! ok..well, why not…” … it got really lame and superficial in my opinion. ryan became a feelingless pussy, seth isnt really there anymore, kirsten had like 3 lines in the past 3 episodes and sandy gives one or 2 tips to ryan and thats all. i don’t know guys….remeber the times when ryan and luke were beating up eachother in school or marissa had problems with different guys, seth had to get through to summer, finally all those things the OC was about in the first place… it’s not the same anymore and i really don’t support the fact that it got closer to the “original” OC this season.

    all in all i’m very disappointed in season 4 and i totally understand that audience quotes have gone down. it’s sad. what i’ll definately will do, is to buy the DVDs from season 1-3 and watch them from time to time and just let season 4 be unhappened. … in the end maybe it is better to have the OC ended once and for all (at least it wouldnt have been exploited until the very end as many other tv-series were) .. like that the OC would stay positive in our memories 😉

    greetz from paris!

  13. amie Says:

    no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no I hate fox for cancelling the o.c. im going to cry. boo hoo boo hoo please save the o.c.

  14. taylor Says:

    my theory from what i have noticed for the past few days is that FOX is cancelling the OC to afford supporting all the new lame shows they’re bringing later on…i read somewhere that FOX has a bunch of new reality shows coming up, so they’re probably cancelling the OC since it costs millions of dollars.

    I HATE FOX! however, they will soon find that cancelling the OC was a bad decision sometime..i can feel it

  15. Anita Says:

    So basically FOX is saying it’s over there’s nothing we can do about it! That sucks! They cancelled family guy and firefly and then brought those shows back cause of fan backlash. Why won’t they listen to us and un-cancel the OC! GRRRRR!

  16. Robbie Says:

    i rweally wana save the oc..but i do in some ways agree with phillipp (3 comments up) it was better in season 1 were seth was funnier, kirsten and sandy were actually part of the show, summer was not as serious as she is now she was more fun/funny..


  17. Robbie Says:

    o and its really unfair to cancel OC for new reality shows they’ll probly be crap and then theyll regret cancellin oc..


  18. robert Says:

    Season 4 is the best season! If you are OK with Marissa’s death than you can really enjoy it. If you aren’t OK with her dying then you will only complain that it will never be like it used to be. I don’t disagree everyone has changed, but for the better and to show you that the death of one person can change everybody. Kirsten will take a major role right now as she is ‘pregnant’ or rumoured to be, Julie gets 2 proposals, Ryan and Taylor try to get together, and an earthquake in episode 14. I find it interesting, everything, ALL of season 4, even better than season 1 and people who are over Marissa might agree with me.

  19. joacim Says:

    well my guess why the show has become alittle diffrent is cus they know they will cancel the show, if i knew i was going to get fired at work i would be as inspired as in the beginning, but if you´ve seen the latest episode 11.. its FUN!!! RLY FUN!! 😀

  20. wayne Says:

    I can’t agree with Robbie and Philipp at all. The show grew up and so the characters did. Ryan has shown sides of him we could only imagine until season 4, Summer really has really grown up after Marissas Death but yeah I agree I noticed the lack of Kandy scenes too. Anyway this season is directly coming after season 1. 🙂

  21. amine Says:

    i was just looking around the web and i found this: and this:
    if this is really true(what i think is not) then we maybe should need to contact them on some way. it could be that fox now realized that they are going to lose a lot of viewers. or that they maybe only say that it’s over to get more viewers. i dont know. if someone has any news.
    please comment

  22. Anita Says:

    Everyone has definatlly grown perhaps some may think for the worst some for the better, but with what each character has had to go through each season you can’t expect, Ryan not to have trust and rage issues, or Summer to still be her perky ditzy self, or Seth to still just be the socially awkward geeky comic relief. They’re adults now (sort of) and I like how they’ve all changed. Admitedly there hasn’t been much involvelment of Kandy which is annoying cause they are the back bone of the show, and this is probably why it feels a little shaky at the moment but when you only have a short space of time to fit everything in (they only got given 16 episodes) then they had to make a choice who to focus on and obviously the most important thing at the start of teh season was how the death of Marissa affected everyone and considering Sandy and Kirsten were outsiders to this and could only look on and try to help when needed so they were the ones that had to take a back seat, but now that’s over they can get back in the drivers seat. I hope that the last episodes now will be like it was in the beginning and concentrate on the Cohens. So no it’s not like season one but you can’t expect the show to still be the same things evolve. Yes this is probably the right time to end it, but only because FOX has given the creators no choice but to, and they have been forced to make this the final season. The blow might have been lessened if it had been given 24 episodes instead of just 16 but theres nothing we can do about that now. Just try our best to make sure everyon knows that we don’t want this to be the end and if we are still ignored then just make the most of the final episodes and hope that it will go out in style.

  23. Summergirl Says:

    I don’t buy what the guy from FOX said about S4 being a return to how the show was when it first started…because I don’t think it has. The ratings certainly don’t reflect that. And it’s probably wrong to try and go back to the beginning when so many things have changed. I think the people behind The OC gave up on it a while back. It was like a marriage that had gone sour, and they just wanted the divorce to be over and as fast as possible, hence the 16 episodes, which is a bizarre number for a season. If some fans are not finding this season to be truly satisfying, then it is all down to the fact that the writers have a limited amount of time in which to bring ‘closure’ to the characters lives. Quite frankly, it aint possible to explore themes and relationships with any depth in that time. I was very disappointed that we didn’t get to see how Marissa’s death affected the remaining Core of friends, Ryan Summer and Seth. Their friendship was one of the central parts of the show, and you would think that after they lost one of their best friends, the writers would be willing to explore the changed dynamic of the group, but sadly, this didn’t happen. I do not mean to say that the entire show should be about grief and stuff, but I do find the lack of continuity after episode 4 a problem. The Core 3 have never had a conversation about Marissa. I didn’t even like Marissa, but she was such a big part of the Core 4 that it seems callous not to explore their friendship after she’d died, and to be honest, unrealistic too. It just seemed that Marissa got replaced by Taylor. I liked Taylor last season, but to bring her in as one of the main characters when it’s the last series doesn’t quite work. The same goes for Rylor. It might have worked if a connection had developed last season, or even if there was going to be a season 5, but it is too late in the show for them to be seen as soulmates. Especially when the past 3 seasons seem to have implied that Marissa and Ryan are ‘meant to be.’ If the writers seem to portray Rylor as perfect for each other, and if they do end up together in the finale and sail away into the sunset, then it will just be because the show has to end with Ryan finding ‘true love’ and because he can’t be alone. That still doesn’t mean that Taylor is The One for him though, because I don’t find it the least bit convincing. Sorry Josh, but I don’t.

  24. Anita Says:

    I agree, but then also you have to remember if Ryan didn’t find someone to fall for then where would the story had gone, we would have ended up just watchng Ryan brooding whilst cleaning tables. I guess they brought in Taylor to try and liven things up a bit and show that Ryans moved on from Marissa and to give him something to do and love and relationships are the main ingredient in the OC, when have you ever seen Ryan not with someone, it was either Marissa, Teresa, Lindsay, then Marissa again and then Sadie. I think Ryan’s never gone longer then a few episodes without having made out with someone or having fallen for someone. I’m not agreeing with the whole Rylor thing cause they shouldn’t have made Taylor a main character she should have been like Lindsay or Sadie, not the entire plot of the show just one of Ryans whimsies. I don’t think Rylor will last and sail off into the sunset, I at least hope not. I think she was just another one of Ryans loves to keep the story going and to try and liven the show up. Also I understand where you are coming from, yes there should be more moments betweeen Ryan, Seth and Summer about Marissa and how losing her affected their dynamic but if you think about it without her Summer and Ryan never talked, nor did Seth and Marissa without Ryan. It was Marissa that held the group together, and wih her gone there is no longer a group it’s just Ryan and Seth and Seth and Summer. The core 3’s only glue now is Seth. And I’m glad they haven’t used Taylor to glue them back together as a makeshift core 4 with Taylor as the replacemnet Marissa, although they tried to in the earth girls with the roadtrip to Vegas but it just didn’t work. Hopefully we will start seeing improvements as the season nears to an end but it won’t be the perfect ending casue the writers have had to squeeze too much in only a short amount of time. But we will just have to make the most of what we’ve got, even if it’ not perfect it’s still our show.

  25. DianaItaly Says:

    ciao a tutti!
    come potete notare sono italiana e parlo italiano!il mio inglese fa schifo! cmq spero ke mi capirete lo stesso! a me piaceva e piace tanto OC e mi dispiace tanto ke non lo faranno +! trovo ingiusto ke abbiamo interrotto la terza serie a metà e che ora si possa vedere solo sul digitale terrestre! spero almeno ke in italia facciano vedere le puntate che non hanno fatto vedere! un saluto a tutti! SAVE OC!!!!!!

  26. blah Says:

    anyone know the megaupload link for episode 11?

  27. trisha Says:

    i am a huge fan of the oc and well my favorite chactor on the show is
    ryan atwood beacuse he is a great person and well he has brown hair and blue eyes

  28. SummerBreeze Says:

    BA HA HA HA! i dont think you should like a character because they have brown hair and blue eyes i think you should like a character because you feel like theyre your friend. this i show i feel about the whole cast of the OC. i only started watching the final series and i am sad that i didnt watch the other 3. BUt the OC is a great show and FOX is stoopid to be getting rid of it.

  29. bluebyblos Says:

    i am so dissapointed that the show is over.

  30. Semmanorsa Says:

    Ok there is so much to say about the oc. See, even though it can get unrealistic and though its only a show it brought livelihood to my life because I understood that Im not the only one with problems in my life. I agree with the fact that marissa was the core of the “fantastic four” because without marissa, seth wouldnt know summer, and without marissa ryan wouldnt know her obviously. But now she’s gone, its more like seth is the core. Because now he brings ryan and him together, but also brings himself and summer together. He also brings summer and ryan kinda closer because they never really were close in the first 3 series. In the fourth season summer goes and fetches ryan from his bar thingy where he worked and she got him to come home, which was all down to seth because he called her.

    Anyway i dunno why i just posted that but I just cant believe that they ended the show because it was amazing, and it still is it just bums me that the producers cant see that they just took away one of the best shows around.

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