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This boxset below has been taken from so it is either this boxset cover or the one at the bottom of the page that is going to be used, which one do you think is better? see the big picture here.

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  1. amine Says:

    this one’s awesome. it really lookes fantastic, we’ll it does look better than the other one. that one was really really bad photoshopping. but anyways i really hope that they make an group picture and that that picture will be set on the dvd box. cuz you know this one are everybody’s picture all by their selfs. but it does look great!
    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  2. Robbie Says:

    its looks really cheap!

  3. Amy Says:

    this cover looks sooo much better than the other one!!! I think, and hope this will be the official cover!

  4. savetheoc Says:

    ^ I think it looks much better then the other one, i hope this is the real cover too.

  5. OCOCOC Says:

    i think this one is much better and much more elegant. i think the third season had the best dvd box and captured the feeling of the show the best. this one is closer to the elegance of the show than the previous design. it looked really tacky, i mean, what was up with that orange couch?

  6. ToW Says:

    I wish this is the one, it’s much nicer then the other one, and if Amazon has this one, i Believe this is the original one

  7. ocfcb Says:

    I think this one looks so much better than the other one. and remember the dvd boxes of season one and two, they look similar to this one and the colours would match. one red one blue and one yellow 🙂

  8. OCOCOC Says:

    looking at the cover made me think…the cast of the OC changed so much over it’s breif run. compare the characters on this cover to the cover of seasons 1. isn’t that interesting?

  9. Anita Says:

    This cover looks better cause the other one blantently looked like they were all pasted together and it looked tacky. At least in this one they are not trying to pull the wool over our eyes. I much prefer this one but I miss the old ones where they had them all together as a group. Season 3 boxset cover was the best one for me. It shows they didn’t put a lot of thought or care into the promotion of this season. Damn FOX network!
    But I hope this is the cover.
    Does anyone know what the official special features are on the dvd, I really think they should do a special for the last episode going behind the scenes of the making of it and having the cast saying their goodbyes and reminiscing about the show but I have a feeling they’re not going to do that which is wrong.

  10. hausstudioks Says:

    On you can also see the backcover! And it reveals amazing bonus features:
    – unaired scenes
    – Josh Schwartz commentary on the series finale !!!
    – The magic that is chrismukkah
    – Summer Roberts – beauty meets Brown

  11. Anita Says:

    Hey thats cool. But I wish they had a featurette for the finale as well. Why do they have a featurette all for the character of Summer but none of the others.

  12. hausstudioks Says:

    Maybe they’ll have it on the complete box set this fall, to make some more money. 😦

  13. john Says:

    im so much happier with this.

  14. Michael Says:

    I really do love this new cover. It looks like they took more time on it. More thought behind it. I love all the box set pictures, but the third one was my least favorite. I just love the idea of all the pictures in the background of the first and second seasons. This one reminds me the most of those. I love it. I want this one to be it.

  15. kate Says:

    OMYGOD!!! SOOOOOOOO much better. this looks like the real one

  16. lr Says:

    In the picture above there r 5 discs and only 16 ep’s and only 4, to 1 disc so that might mean more special features!

  17. Robbie Says:


  18. douglas Says:

    where can i see the backcover.? i searched on but couldnt find it

  19. Biggest oc fan Says:

    I love that cover case….
    Umm…Sheldon…I remember gettin an email from u, about the oc forums…but now i cant find it and i dont no what my user name and password is, to discuss a topic :S
    email me it…

  20. Sarah Says:

    this new one is so much moe better than that crappy photoshopped one

  21. savetheoc Says:

    Biggest OC fan: I emailed you.

  22. Amy Says:

    I love the new front cover, and the back cover!!!! It said on, that FOX saw fans bad coments on the first cover, so they changed it! I’m glad they did.

  23. taylor Says:

    thank goodness they changed it!! i like this one A LOT better than the other one.

    but one thing that bothers me?? if the DVDs are going to be in the order they are in the picture, then taylor will be on the first. idk about yall, but ryan should be the first DVD! i don’t have the third season, but for season 1 and 2 he is first and he should always be the first!! i mean, HE’S RYAN ATWOOD! 🙂 thankyouverymuch

  24. Anita Says:

    I think that they have paired everyone up to fit them all on the DVD’s so Taylor would be with Ryan, Seth with Summer, Sandy with Kirsten, and perhaps Julie and Caitlin are seperate.
    I just noticed on the back cover it says no gag reel! I love the gag reel why is there no gag reel! I soo hope this means that these aren’t the official special features and more will be added cause so far they suck. I wanted a OC retrospective or something not just some commmentary on the finale by Schwartz, some deleted scenes and 2 featurettes, one on chrismukkah and one about Summer. What have they got to do with the ending of such an awesme show. Come on give it up to the fans, we deserve better.

  25. Edgar Palse Says:

    They have paired everyone up to fit them all on the DVD’s so Taylor would be with Ryan, Seth with Summer, Sandy with Kirsten, Julie with Caitlin and the last one maybe it could be a picture with everyone like on the box set dvd of FRIENDS or maybe the logo THE OC bigger solo.

  26. anna Says:

    i dont think there gonna use this one. i was reading a new magazine today and it showed the other cover of the oc. i really hope they use this one though, its way more like the oc and the previous ones.

  27. robert Says:

    It is this one, they have an official back cover and it is on amazon, tvshowondvd, wikipedia, the list goes on..

  28. missa Says:

    looks like the same design as Greys Anatomy

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