The OC Random Video # 23: Ryan and taylor. This video focuses on Ryan and taylor highlighting the best R/T scenes in season 4. Thanks to Amine for submitting this video.  🙂

Find the link of a very cool Youtube video you have seen, post the URL in the comments and who knows, I could show it on the site!

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  1. amine Says:

    Great vid, really touching!! you see, THE O.C. didn’t lose the drama in season 4. and i was really sick of hearing all the negativ talks about ryan and taylor, but i found a vid on youtube. and it had really positiv comments, and it’s really good, rrrrealy good.

    here see if u like it, if you do u can set it up;)
    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  2. Thommy Says:

    I don’t like this video because I think the music is realy bad… But that’s just my taste I guess.
    The Ryan & Taylor video from the first comment is verry good by the way! I like that you here so much talking in it because that’s what I sometimes miss in the OC video’s.

    But anyway what I wanted to say, I realy think it’s great that you are posting all this random video’s on your site! I realy do! I check your site everyday for updates and I love to see the new video’s or read the news articles. This is the only site who still is updated daily and posts new articles and video’s

    You rock!

    Greetings from the Netherlands!


  3. Thommy Says:

    As you probably already can see in the post I was talking about the previous video wicht I didn’t like and the Ryan & Taylor video is the one wich is now on the site

  4. biggest oc fan (Melinda) Says:

    i dont like this video….
    Becuz i hate Raylor
    They should of never dated…that is why season 4 wasnt that good
    Everytime i watched this video..taylors voice kept coming on and now my ears hurt.
    I just dont like her at all.
    I wish she never came to the oc…she ruined it.

  5. OCFan.x Says:

    I LOVE RyanTaylor And I Really Liked This Video.

    The Ending Was Great.. With The I Love You/You Saved Me.

    But I Can’t Remember A Time When Ryan Said “Taylor Yoy Saved Me” =/
    Maybe That’s Just Me But Can Someone Tell Me If He Did And When?

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