Series premiere of “Hidden Palms,” airing at 8 p.m. on the CW. The CW makes an effort to fill the hole left by “The O.C.” with this teen drama about beautiful, wealthy Palm Beachers. Playing the role of the conflicted young male is Michael Cassidy, an O.C. alum (he played Zach, Summer’s temporary boyfriend), who is dealing with the tragic suicide of his father. Joining Cassidy is Taylor Handley, another O.C. alum (he played creepy Oliver), as well as Amber Heard, who once played an extra on “The O.C.” Could it be an attempt to hold onto a bit of O.C. stardust?

Here is a fan vid, it’s awesome!

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  1. amine Says:

    It looks great, i’ve seen the preview for tonights episode. and it does remind me of The O.C., Taylor has moves to a new town(ryan also did, well actually he had no other options so….) there’s a girl that he definitely has an eye on(ryan and marissa) and you see a fight at a party which seemed a lot like the fight between ryan and luke at holy’s beachehouse. i think it’s close to The O.C. but we all know that there’s nothing that can replace The O.C.
    i would rather see benjamin,adam,peter and kelly in a serie. cuz i think that it could be just what they needed. you know what i mean. cuz at the end of season 4 sethummer wasn’t really working. i did love ryan and taylor, i don’t know why most people hate taylor. i find her beatiful and sooooo hilarious. much and much better then marissa(who’s now in a hospital, lol, i mean come on, i thought she only could over-dose on The O.C., i guess in really life too)but i’m definitely going to watch hidden palms. i hope someone has the upload for the first episode by tomorrow. anyways, i’m going to try and watch this show and just judge it on it’s own. beucz every show i watch now, i totally hate becuz it sucks compared to The O.C., i even dislike Prison break now:s
    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  2. savetheoc Says:

    ^ Hehe I can agree with most of what you said Amine.

    You can watch the episode online: http://www.tv-links.co.uk btw!

  3. hanna Says:

    i agree with pretty much everything. espcially that every show sucks these days. the oc is the only show i enjoy watching now and its the only show i can relate to. THE OC

  4. hanna Says:

    my computer cut off like half of my comment

  5. Thommy Says:

    amine Said:
    “cuz at the end of season 4 sethummer wasn’t really working.”

    But they get maried at the end of the serie…

  6. caramelz Says:

    WAtch Watch Watch!! I have watched the second episode and will watch it again next Wednesday!! all watch we need the rating dont only watch on internet watch it on the CW!

  7. Dan Peter Says:

    No not 4 me this will neva replace the oc!!! theres only 1 proramme and thts The OC 4eva …. cart believe ppl call them selves oc fans1 and der replain it with this !!!! plus it aint here in UK so OC all the way!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  8. amine Says:

    Yeah thommy you’re right about that, but before they got married you could clearly see that ”briefcase or no briefcase” thing wasn’t working and you could also see that they didn’t share the chemistry like what they had in season 1,2 and 3. and that she left to go to ”George”
    that doesn’t sound like summer, it was the right choice though.
    but what i ment was that it would be nice to see ryan and seth in another serie and that they would date other people. cuz you never know……..
    and btw sheldon thx for the link for the episodes, i’ve been searching for such an site a long time!;)
    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  9. caramelz Says:

    guys..Hidden Palms got only 1.83 million viewers and One Tree hot 2.5 both weren’t aired in 2 places in the US. I think Canada and Chicago or something. Can you all please watch cuz there will never be a show with 3 OC actors in it..SO I beg you to watch we need more viewers. You’ll love the show. If you didnt like the Pilot watch Ghosts and youll love it. Most pilots arent tht good. but I have just seen episode 2 and am hooked. We dont want it to get cancelled before it even got gd…WATCH WATCH WATCHHHHHHHHH!!

  10. monisek Says:

    3 OC actors? who is the 3rd one?

  11. savetheoc Says:

    I just saw the ratings!

    The 3rd OC actor was some guest who appeared in one of the episodes, i cant really remember clearly.

  12. amine Says:

    the third actress was Amber Heard, she only appeard in one episode of The O.C. ; The O.C. season 2 episode 15-the mallpisode, she was the salesgirl. i’ve watched the pilot and i do like it a bit, becuz in some way it reminds me of The O.C., anyways i don’t think that we can get the ratings up that much. if they got 4 million, yeah then it would be possible, but 1.83. that’s low. but we’ll just have to wait and hope that the ratings do go up:)
    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  13. savetheoc Says:

    ^ But remember that The CW is still a small network and OTH only gets just over 2 million..

  14. OC OC OC Says:

    actually there are quite a few OC actors. the father of one of johnny’s new neighbors played the D.A., Otis, who played a few games of golf with Sandy and helped arrest Volcheck.

    His daughter on Hidden Palms also played one of Taylor’s friends at the season 3 kick off carnival.

  15. savetheoc Says:

    ^ Is it the same guy, i watched the episode twice and I paused it on the scene and I still wasnt sure if it was him or not lol, well, now I know!

  16. Sonz Says:

    2 places in the US. I think Canada and Chicago or something.

    Canada’s not a place in the US.
    Canada’s its’ own country.
    It just happens to be above the US.

    Hidden Palms is actually a fairly good show, I mean, it’s not the OC or anything, but it’ll still fairly amusing.

  17. Joana Says:

    Omg. nothing can replace The Oc. NOTHING. And i don’t think this show is gonna replace The OC either, cuz i belive it sucks and probably will be cancelled after the first season.

    .-.Just the name of this show makes me wanna PUKE.-.

  18. Rudolph Says:

    Hidden Palms is a nice show, I will keep watching it. Just saw the pilot yesterday, looks promising. 🙂

    But the other show with Logan Marshall-Green aka Trey, “Traveler” really got me hooked up. Fantastic series, after the first two episodes more interesting than Hidden Palms. And Logan is great in it, so watch it on ABC!

  19. savetheoc Says:

    ^ I haven’t watched The Traveller yet, I should give it a try!

  20. Amy Says:

    I don’t think this show can replace The OC!
    no show ever will!
    I think The OC is ALWAYS going to be my #1 favorite show. When I started watching it in the first season, it wasn’t like any other show I’d ever seen. If only they’d hadn’t killed Marissa! Season 4 felt empty without her because the whole OC gang wasn’t together!
    The OC was different and better from any other show!..Or at least it was in the beginning.
    MISS YOU, OC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. EVAN Says:


  22. hanna Says:

    i heard hidden palms was already canceled. :[

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