The OC Random Video #27 – This video focuses on all the bloopers that Kelly Rown (Kirsten Cohen) made on The OC, she really is a sweetheart and I adore her 🙂 Check this awesome vid out for a good laugh!

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  1. Rudolph Says:

    Although she could be my mother she is really adorable and those bloopers are really sweet. 🙂

  2. monisek Says:

    cool and funny 😀

  3. savetheoc Says:

    Haha Kelly is adorable 😀

  4. amine Says:

    Yeah kirsten is very adorable and she looks very hot for her age.
    But i got some bigg news, LOOK AT THIS

    Spin-off project of The O.C., focused on the life of Kaitlin (Marissa’s sister) and Julie Cooper (Marissa’s mother). The show will focus on Kaitlin and Julie living together in Newport and facing the world on their own. It has been noted that Gordon Bullit and Frank Atwood will be main characters on the show as well

    This show has been talked about for the 2007-2008 season, but was not picked up.
    i found it at
    SO… it’s kind of an bummer that Ryan, Seth and the others are not playing in it. but what do they mean with the show was not picked up.
    is it like oke, we had some ideas for a spin-off but no we’re not going to do it. or is it more like the ideas for the show are lying on the tables, every broadcasting company that wants to pick them up, may pcik them up? if someone could answer that and this whole spin-off thing, then that would be great:)
    THE O.C 4 EVER

  5. savetheoc Says:

    Oh, yeah I see it. But it hasn’t been picked up so it’s no use.

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