SHE has fired up Sydney catwalks for years, but has model Tiah Eckhardt been turning up the heat with The O.C’s hunk Adam Brody?

The flaming redhead has been romantically linked to the Hollywood heartthrob, who played Seth Cohen on the popular teen TV series – apparently snapped snogging around the US and Europe.

Smoochy snapshots of Brody and a stunning redhead were the talk of internet entertainment sites yesterday, as his heartbroken fans speculated over whether Eckhardt was the new woman in his life, after his recent split with O.C co-star Rachel Bilson.

Now an article in Perth’s Sunday Times, from Eckhardt’s home town, has claimed the WA beauty hooked up with the actor after the pair met at an aids fundraiser on May 26 in Vienna, where she was working for New York fashion label Heatherette.

She allegedly met Brody on her first night in the city at the Discothek Volksgarten club, where they spent time talking and “making out.”

Back in the US, the relationship is likely to be a long-distance one, with Los Angeles-based Brody and New York-based Eckhardt said to be “keeping in touch.”

But if the cyber scuttlebutt proves to be a case of mistaken identity, it won’t be the first time for Eckhardt, who grabbed headlines around the world for her likeness to British fashion beauty, Lily Cole when they both walked the runways of Australian Fashion Week two years ago.

Rated one of the world’s hottest models and supposedly kissing a celebrity? That’s the kind of malicious gossip a girl could get used to.

So is this the girl in the pictures below with her and Adam Rolling in the grass?!

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  1. Rudolph Says:

    Yeah, I think she is the girl in the pictures. She looks sweet, doesn’t she? 🙂

  2. hanna Says:

    she looks sweet but adam and rachel were meant to be. its sad they broke up, but since rachel moved on its good adam found someone.

  3. Rudolph Says:

    Yeah, Adam and Rachel were THE cutest couple in Hollywood imo but life is unpredictable. And I also agree with you that it’s nice Adam moved on.

    Just some random side note: I don’t know the exactly words but he said something like “I don’t want be together with a psychotic again” but he didn’t specified who he meant. I’m pretty sure he meant Rachel though, anyone got more informations about this? It would be interesting in how far she is a psychotic.

  4. kate Says:

    it’s probably rachel he’s referring to rudolph, because she has stated before that her mom (who’s a psychiatrist) has been her therapist all her life.

  5. dan Says:

    ADAM & RACHEL! SETH & SUMMER! ..come on guys!

  6. Amy Says:

    anyone know where I can find episodes clips of season 1 of THE OC??!

  7. savetheoc Says:

    ^ Try Youtube or just search Google.

  8. Alex Says:

    I cant believe I actually used to go to school with this girl.

  9. z Says:

    i used to live with her. shes awesome. adam is lucky to be with her

  10. pix Says:

    I actually feel really sorry for Tiah, she has to have psychological issues to be able to behave the way she did toward her ex, shes always saying that she had her heart broken but I happen to know exactly what happened and I just hope for other men that she will change because no decent man deserves what she dished out.. i dont believe she will ever find anyone who would defend her no matter what she did to him the way he did, when all his friends and family got so angry and told him exactly what they thought of her because they saw first hand what was going on, he still stood up for her and defended her every time.. she didnt deserve that and i cant imagine any other guy who would put up with so much.
    She will end up a very lonely girl, she might be beautiful on the outside but she is very ugly on the inside..

  11. minxsy Says:

    what she did to him? you mean after he cheated on her, broke up with her, and slept with other people before they got back together and then when she eventually told him she did exactly the same as him, minus the cheating, and she’s the shitty person? nice misogynistic double standards, if your a girl you should feel ashamed for supporting that point of view, why dont you just go back to the 50’s before the feminist movement when having different rules for men and women was acceptable. anyone who has the misfortune to meet that guy knows that he is an arrogant wannabe who uses girls for anything he can, he sucked enough money, work, time and contacts out of tiah and im sure he’ll keep doing it to other girls in the industry. i see it all the time with models and its so sad. she deserves someone better than that and whose not gonna go bang other chicks in her bed in her apartment while she’s paying the rent. she’s not just your average dumb model and if your ever lucky enough to get to know her properly and not just listen to other peoples stories you’d find out what a great girl she is.

  12. s Says:

    agreeing w minxsy completely!! Pix do you even know her?.. im going to say clearly not cos if if you did i doubt you would be saying the stuff you did! Tiah deserves way more than to have people come on here and gossip about things they dont even know about! Shes a beautiful person both inside and out and as minxsy said if you are ever lucky enough to get to know her you’d be able to see just how amazing a person she is.

  13. nope. Says:

    tiah and her ex are both very good friends of mine, and i don’t think it’s either of your places to talk about what happened on here. it’s her personal life, not yours.

  14. greenwich Says:

    just one question.
    Do Rachel and Adam break up like friends or they despise each other ? hope not. Whtever happens,though i dont want him to be in a relationship, i dont want him to hate Rachel either. no one should.

  15. Belle Says:

    She’s ugly. Inside and out

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