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Adam Brody wants to be Jennifer Aniston’s “toyboy”.

‘The O.C.’ actor, who is set to star alongside Aniston in new film ‘The Pentogram’, says he has a long-standing crush on the former ‘Friends’ actress.

He said: “Jen’s hot, I had such a crush on her through ‘Friends’ and you know, she’s single. Demi Moore’s bringing the toyboy back.”

If Adam, 27, is intent on pursuing Jennifer, he may have to contend with 38-year-old British model Paul Sculfor, who was seen leaving the actress’ home last weekend.

It has been reported Jennifer is planning to make her first public appearance with Sculfor at the opening of new Los Angeles restaurant ONE Sunset on Tuesday (19.06.07).

Adam was seen canoodling with ‘Hostel: Part II’ actress Lauren German in Beverley Hills last week.

The actor’s three-year relationship with ‘The O.C.’ co-star Rachel Bilson ended last year.

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  1. monisek Says:

    Where did you get this information from?

  2. savetheoc Says:

    I got the info from one of my Google alerts.

  3. Rudolph Says:

    A new Adam Brody movie! That sounds awesome, can’t wait to see it. He and his career are doing pretty good after The O.C. ended. He is probably the most sucessful actor from all of the cast members. And he is enjoying his single life at the moment but I hope he will soon find a girl he can start a family with. 🙂

    Sweet picture of Lauren German :D:,%20Lauren

  4. Rudolph Says:

    Can you put this petition up on front page because Traveler is a fantastic series, even better than Hidden Palms which already got cancelled anyway.

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