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Today, 18 June 2007 is the 1st birthday anniversary for savetheoc.wordpress.com. We have been up and running for exactly 365 days with more then 835,000 unique hits and a record bearking 12,800 visits on the 5th Janruary 2007.

I would like to thank every single person who contributed to all our Save The OC campaigns such as; petition signing, letter writting to Fox, email sending to the CW and all the moral support I have gotten from the dedicated OC fans. We truly did everything in our power to Save The OC, but, as they say “All good things come to an end”and The OC was good to us!

Thanks for visiting my blog and please continue visiting and supporting us and interacting with other dedicated O.C. fans.

Thank you all so much,

Sheldon (Webmaster)

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  1. amine Says:

    I didn’t even realize that:)
    But if we should be thanking someone, it should be you.
    Sooo… Thanks very much for keeping the site up and giving us chances to come up for our favorite Show!:)
    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  2. Rex! Says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    Happy Birthday to Willa Holland, it’s her sweet sixteen! 😀

    ^^ And as the person above me wonderfully pointed out, it is you Sheldon who should be thanked. I do believe we would be nothing of the OC ‘activists’, if you did not create SaveTheOC !!
    Thank you!!

  3. hanna Says:

    I cant believe its been a year. Ever since this site opened up Ive been on almost everyday, and I even made it my homepage. Thank you Sheldon for making this site and trying to save the best show on televison!! I agree with Rex, we wouldnt be OC activists if it wasnt for you!!

    Happy Birthday SaveTheOC and Willa Holland 😀

  4. savetheoc Says:

    Thanks everyone 🙂 Thanks for pointing out that it’s Willa’s birthday Rex, I totally forgot.. Happy birthday Willa!

  5. Robbie Says:


    thanks for the great site..its been gd

    i never knew it was a year 🙂

  6. Tom Says:

    Congrats, hope da web site will last for more years..:D
    Happy Birthday

  7. queen_e Says:

    Congratulations! I have loved this site for the past year! thank you for all your hard work.

  8. mb Says:

    yeah congratulaions =)

    but please: watch the 4th season when you’re in germany, the first tv proportions were soo bad…

  9. name Says:

    cheerss for site

  10. Piero Says:

    Happy Birthday from Germany (cologne)!!


  11. Amy Says:

    Thanks for such a great site!!! 🙂
    and Happy Birthday!!!!

  12. Siiiiiii Feliz Cumpleaños. Happy Birthday. Great site. Continue white this a lot years more for never forget The O.C.

  13. Vasity Says:

    Nice blog, I really like how you have the colors, and the outlook is great as well. Many people do not do this good of blogs, very good indeed, article is very mind capturing I really like it. Keep up the great work let me know when you have more done.

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