Kelly Rowan is now engaged and ready to be married to the world’s 10th richest man! 😛 Whoo go Kelly!

Kelly Rowan, who played resident party planner and family matriarch Kirsten “Kiki” Cohen on The O.C., is engaged to Canadian billionaire David Thomson, Rowan’s rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

The couple, who plan to marry before the end of the year, have been dating since last year after meeting in Toronto while she was working.

“Their family and friends couldn’t be happier for them,” says a source close to the couple, adding, “She’s really happy.”

The Ottawa-born Rowan, 41, played Adam Brody’s mom and Peter Gallagher’s wife on the FOX series. She also served as executive producer of In God’s Country, a movie for Lifetime in which she starred.

She is also producing Blithe in Virginia, a movie with her former O.C. costar, Melinda Clarke.

Toronto-based media mogul Thomson, 50, is Canada’s richest man and the 10th richest man in the world, according to this year’s ranking of billionaires by Forbes magazine, which also says he is the divorced father of three.


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  1. Courtney Says:

    I am so ahppy for Kelly! Please keep us upadted on this engagment!

  2. Rudolph Says:

    Yeah, I’m happy for her too. She should be engaged to Peter Gallagher though they were a sweet couple on O.C. ;D

  3. hanna Says:

    i agree with rudolph. SANDY AND KIRSTEN FOREVER. but anyway im also really happy for her.

  4. kate Says:

    awww! does anyone know if she’s ever been married before or had any kids?

  5. savetheoc Says:

    It doesnt say that she has kids or that she’s been married before, the guy is divorced and has 3 kids though..

  6. Rudolph Says:

    In addition, Jeri Ryan (Charlotte Morgan, season 3) got married to Christophe Eme in France on the 16th June according to People. Here is the German news:

    Well, good luck and all the best Jeri! I didn’t like you on The O.C. though. 😀

  7. Rex! Says:

    If Kelly is happy with him, than I am happy for her. 🙂

  8. Amy Says:

    Congradulations, Kelly!!! 🙂

    can you put up a photo of her and her new fiance?!

  9. amine Says:

    Wauw that’s amazing, i think she makes a perfect wife(for a 40year old:P) She’s so adorable!
    But hey sheldon aren’t we going to do something about hidden palms cuz i’ve watched 4 episodes by now and it’s only getting better:) but the ratings are going down the hill:(
    The CW has already anounced that they’re only going to give it 8 episodes and wrap this season up with no further do. so let’s make a petition or another snailmail campagne.
    Cuz this is a little but O.C. and everything that has O.C. in it should be saved. Cuz everyone is comparing it to The O.C. and if this only get’s 8 episodes then everything OCish will be known as a formule of disaster! And also, season 4 of The O.C. has began to air in the netherlands and it’s actually doing great! 1.4 million viewers! that’s like the top show of the netherlands right now. Keep in mind the netherlands only has about 16 million habitants and 8 million of them are total idiots, Sooo those are pretty good ratings. Anyways a petition would be awesome, see what you can set up:)

  10. savetheoc Says:

    Amine: I would like to do something to save Hidden Palms but I have dedicated my site to The OC, it’s kind of like a slap in the face for all the loyal OC viewers and fans around the world. Many people here wont really care anyway, they’re H_ardcore OC fans and im here to provide them with OC news, the HP fansite has a campaign and a petition and everything set up already to save Hidden Palms so you should go and participate there.

    The OC’s ratings for the Netherlands is awesome, it started here in South Africa about 3 months ago (we nearly finished the 1st season) and the highest rating we got, which was for the premiere was 890,000 lol, but it is one of the highest watched shows here!

    Hope you understand what i’ve just said ^^ There.


  11. amine Says:

    Yeah i totally get it:) thanks for responding!
    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  12. Amy Says:

    I know you said that girl on Hidden Palms was an extra on The OC.
    I found out she played the store clerk in the episode, The Mallpisode, when Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer get trapped in the mall.

    Here’s a photo of her, in case you don’t remember her.

  13. Inuk Says:

    Im happy for her, but Peter Gallagher and her would have made a perfect couple

  14. you don’t need party planners if you are just going to hold a very small party for your personal friends ~~.

  15. Cassandra Says:

    Good for you by the way I liked cyberbully it was good, although I didn’t like the part where Taylor tried to over-dose herself, that was too intense for me I started crying the 1st time I saw that when I watched the movie, now I just fast foward through that part.

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