Below are two exclusive insider pictures taken at the Vienna Life Ball on May 26, 2007 of Adam Brody and his model date of the evening! Thanks to CorXy for the pictures! Feel free to send in any news/pictures of The OC cast and I will gladly post the information if it is useful.

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  1. Rudolph Says:

    She looks like a *sorry, do not read further if you’re under 18* slut. πŸ˜‰ She’s not that classy woman Rachel was imo. The other picture on this site is way more classy than this two ones though.

    Adam doesn’t look very interested in the girl, does he? Anyway, thanks for those pictures, you two could sell them to big newspapers I believe! πŸ˜€ Maybe with a SaveTheOC tag on them! And then we’re getting a 5th season of OC!! Yay, that would be so sweet. πŸ™‚

  2. monisek Says:

    Yeah, he looks bored..:( I can’t believe he waste his time with this…I don’t want him to get back with Rachel if he’s not happy with her, but hey, he can do so much better..

  3. agy Says:

    adam doesn’t look very happy, does he? the life without rachel sucks…
    he is so not happy without her :((
    or at least he should find someone who can make him happy again…

  4. marla Says:

    I tend to be kinder to Adam. It’s nice to see him going out, even though he looks kinda wasted, and it’s better than just moping at home. Anyway I don’t think he and this girl wre serious since she hasn’t been spotted again with him. I don’t think Rachel is as cute and classy as other people think she is. It’s just the image she projects.
    How would you feel if you and your girlfriend of three years just broke up and next thing you know she’s publicly taken up with her newest co-star. The same costar she was working with when you ended things.

  5. monisek Says:

    I really think Rachel IS that classy and cute, and I seriously don’t think there is something serious going on between her and Hayden. And IMO Adam has been spotted having fun a lot more than Rachel, and I even read that HE broke up with her…So I don’t think he feels that bad…And I don’t have anything against that..uhm girl, but Adam doesn’t look happy with her and all I care about is his happines, okay? πŸ™‚

  6. pix Says:

    I know Tiah personally and i know exactly whos heart was broken and it wasnt hers, she dosnt have a heart.. well she cant have one if she can be so evil toward someone who is so kind, loving and who still always defended her even when everyone who knew them best told him that he was crazy to put up with her nasty, selfish behaviour.. but there really is only so much a person can take and thank god he got out when he did because now he can find someone who will treat him with the love that he deserves, someone as down to earth and who actually has a personality.. all i can say is BEWARE Adam Brody!! take it from someone who really does know!

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