Rumour has it that has finally been closed. Someone alerted me about this earlier and was wondering if it was his internet connection, but, I have just tried aswell and Im not getting in either.. So is it just our connection, or is the site unavailable?

Click the link above and tell us if you can access the page or not.

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  1. the eraser Says:

    i just clicked and i get this error message: “Directory Listing Denied”

    i guess they closed the site because i can access to other sites under fox like

    i miss the OC =D

  2. Neil Says:

    Yup seems to be closed. Can’t access it.

  3. savetheoc Says:

    aww, that sucks =[

  4. iloveoc27 Says:

    Yeah I think it’s been closed cos The O.C. Fox forum (from the website) has been closed. The moderator left a message on the boards saying that they were now closed and thanking everyone who goes on them for the support of the show and making it a success.

    It’s so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =[

  5. chris Says:

    Good bye OC, and thank you for all.

  6. savetheoc Says:

    Man, it’s quite sad.. It’s hit me again that The OC is over 😦

  7. matteoc4 Says:

    i’m italian
    if u click on “shows” bottom on the top of every fox’show page u couldn’t find the oc

    try on

  8. Katleen Says:

    I am from Germany and I also don’t find the site.
    FOX closed down the o.c. site -.-‘

  9. Amy Says:

    yeah, FOX closed the OC site….. 😦
    it’s sad, pretty soon people’ll forget about The OC

  10. Viktoria Says:

    I’m from Russia…
    Oh! It’s so sad…
    Now The OC is really over…((((

  11. Duarte Says:

    F*ck FOX!!! Stupid, narrow minded…. The O.C. had so much potential to still rock our world….bah…I hate you Schwartz!!!!!

  12. Audri Says:

    Hey, it seems you can’t access it from that link for some reason. But, if you go to (the main page) then, click on community there should be a section where you can choose a message board and The O.C. is still on there. I’ve tried it, and it works.

  13. Rudolph Says:

    They also deleted their Save The OC site:

    So, it’s really over. 😦

  14. Anita Says:

    OMG! It has officially been closed! They’ve even taken the videos off of Fox video central. Why! Fans of the show still would go back to that site regularly, I know I did. We should demand they bring it back!

  15. savetheoc Says:

    ^ Yeah, it sucks! I always used to go on there aswell, there were som amny awesome quotes, videos and everything, FOX SUCKS!!

  16. queen_e Says:

    aw i hate this : (
    why couldnt they just leave it open….

  17. kirsty Says:

    yea i know this sucks on the offical forum it says it is closing down too.
    i am seriously having a bad day

  18. kirsty Says:

    the forum is still kinda of working Post your thoughts now they may change their mind

  19. hanna Says:

    ok so i was at volleyball camp all this week and the coaches kept telling me to pretend that the ball was the thing i hated more than anything so i thought of all the assholes at fox and i started to hit better. i dont think i can even decribe how much i hate fox. they take away the best shows and they get replaced but crappy shows no one cares about.

    p.s. i used to go on that website all the time and look at all the quotes and stuff and it helped me get over it a little. im so mad now.

    ~THE OC~

  20. xicofixas Says:

    its true they delet the site go to and click on shows.. OC ISN’T THERE!!!! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fox f*ck U!!

  21. -*- Says:

    i agree with hanna
    although i never went to volleyball camp… 🙂

  22. kara Says:

    it is so sad. it’s finally starting to set in that the oc won’t be back this fall :[[

  23. Melanie Says:

    I went to college and didnt have cable in my dorm! Its so sad…i never even got to watch all the shows…how will i ever find out what happened…reading about it aint good enough. This really sucks!

  24. Melanie Says:

    God Damn Fox…took off everything!

  25. kayla Says:

    im so upset with fox i feel like crying i want more oc.. it cant just finish with season 4 there needs to be more and im sure all the oc fans would say the same…. man i wouldn care how much it costs if the price went higher its for a good reason…. i love oc and i will miss you … i want to start a petition for this… email me peoples

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