Rachel attended the Chip and Denim launch party on July 11 with an unknown man. This isn’t Hayden is it? They look pretty cute together, so does anyone know who this is?


Thanks to OCcrossroads for the pictures.

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  1. hanna Says:

    that doest look like rachel especially not the first one.

  2. Rudolph Says:

    What? lol
    This definitely is Rachel Bilson. 😉

  3. Amy Says:

    is that Rachel’s new boyfriend?

  4. hanna Says:

    oh i knew that her nose just looks diff or something. who is that guy btw??

  5. monisek Says:

    I think it’s the designer and I’m pretty sure he’s gay..:)

  6. savetheoc Says:

    ^ lol i was thinkin the same thing

  7. zolo Says:

    looks a lil like Lucas Black.
    ahh im confused isnt she with hayden
    i say screw all them guys
    get back with BRODY!!! :]
    love this site ♥

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