Hey, as the frequent visitors can see, I have changed the layout from the first original one that I have been using for a year. I thought we needed a bit of change around here. The lighter colours and the breathtaking banner lighten the atmosphere of the site up!

The Old and The New:


Thanks to Marcy, she designed the banner at the top especially for SaveTheOC. I don’t know if anyone here knows, but, Marcy has her own gallery of OC artwork and Request Forums, basically you provide the pictures and kindly tell Marcy what you want your banner/avatar/wallpaper to look like!

Visit Marcy’s Gallery/Requests Here:

Tell me what you think bout the new layout in the comments link.

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  1. Tom Says:

    This layout is great..imo its nicer then the other one.
    BTW the banner is great aswell..Marcy did a great job

  2. savetheoc Says:

    Thanks Tom.

    Yeah, Marcy did an awesome job!

  3. queen_e Says:

    Love the new layout, the banner is great!!!

  4. Rudolph Says:

    Yep, definitely an improvement! 🙂 Although the old layout did its job, it’s much nicer to come around and visit the site now, great job Marcy and Sheldon! 🙂

  5. Rex! Says:

    I adore it!
    The banner is gorgeous. I was kinda getting sick of the old one 😛

  6. -*- Says:

    i think the banner at the top is awesome!
    but personally i prefered the old layout
    but this website rocks no matter what!!

  7. Ania Says:

    In my humble opinion the old one was FAR better, because it has some style in it, elegance, integrity. Was darker, moody, simply cooler. the new one is just ordinary, notjhing special, gets forgotten easily as there are tons of similar sites, while the old one stayed in one’s mind for longer. REALLY.

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