Mischa Barton hasn’t been as much visible on-screen as  when she was still part of the teen drama The O.C.  Nevertheless, she has been preoccupied with modeling projects and has worked on several films that are awaiting release.  Currently, she can be seen on the cover of Elle UK’s August issue, which also includes an article about her rise to fame and her sentiments on being linked to the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

“It is a persona. It’s not me. I think, ‘Who the hell is that girl?’ I’m so low-key and chilled.  But the media has created a fake ‘Young Hollywood’ where everyone hangs out together and everybody knows each other.  It couldn’t be further from the truth.  I feel so, so different from those girls,” Mischa Barton revealed to Elle magazine.

The former O.C. actress also admits that she struggled to deal with stardom when she got her television break on the FOX teen drama at the age of 17.  Now, her priorities are set on being a serious actress and not the attention attached to it.

“When I got there I didn’t know anything about the business, and you don’t make the best of friends. You make a few mistakes when you’re that age and it took me a while to find the friends I needed, to be truly comfortable…Fame isn’t that exciting to me.  I don’t think it’s something to be fighting for. I want a career.  I don’t get that thing of standing outside a famous restaurant, waiting to be photographed.  I can’t do that. I’ve found a very happy place – I know what I want to do, and I’m excited about the projects I’m developing.  That’s what I’m trying to concentrate on,” Mischa Barton told Elle.

At present, the former O.C. star wants to focus on her acting career after studying Shakespeare at RADA in London.

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  1. Rudolph Says:

    She looks awesome on the cover.

  2. hanna Says:

    are you kidding?? she looks hungover or something. i could barely recognize her because she looks so bad. and what she said about being different from paris and lindsay. please!! shes such a fake

  3. igor Says:

    What she says in magazines doesn’t match what she does in public. If she’s not like those girls why was she hanging out with Nicole Richie all the time. There was a magazine interview where she said she preferred reading a book to going out partying but she was always being photographed at a lot of showbiz events and stumbling out of nightclubs .

  4. kate Says:

    she’s so trashy, it’s a shame because she looks so elegant when she has nice makeup and dresses in gowns, but unfortunately she’s just like Marissa

  5. Rudolph Says:

    Well, I like the cover. 😀
    And it’s probably not that interesting to take photos of her reading so we don’t get any informations about if and what she is reading. 😉 I read a few books (The O.C. books for example lol) and also go out to parties so where’s the problem there? Can’t she do both things? Sometimes you’re in the mood to party and sometimes to read.

    And she definitely is not another Paris or Lindsay, there is still a big difference between Mischa and the two media-whoring girls. Neither she nor Nicole are that media-seeking at all, Nicole is even hiding to avoid paparazzis at the moment. Draw the line between go out, especially looking for photographers and doing stupid things (Lindsay, Paris) AND go out, doing stuff and maybe catched doing some stupid stuff (e.g. Mischa smoking pot, I don’t think she liked to be photographed in that moment but with popularity comes paparazzis)

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t like her acting and so on but that’s definitely not a reason to be mean and compare her to Paris and Lindsay.

  6. anima Says:

    Mischa and Lindsay Lohan have absolutely nothing in common, except for publicists. They share the same publicist. The publicist who said that Lindsay was suffering from “heat exhaustion” when she didn’t show up for filming, and that Mischa had a simple “reaction to antibiotics” when she ended up in the hospital. She also used to be Britney Spears’ publicist.

  7. hanna Says:

    mischa is trying to get herself noticed. the only stars you really hear about are paris lindsay and nicloe and now everyone knows who they are. i wish she was the way she used to be. more people would like her and she wouldnt look like shit on the cover of magazines.

  8. Ashley Says:

    She really is a liar. Her actions in public never match up to what she says. Like her little OD over memorial day weekend. She’s an awful actor and the movies she makes basically show that off. If we even see the movies she’s in, they’re so bad movie studios don’t even bother releasing the,.

  9. -*- Says:

    she looks amazing!
    who are you guys kidding!
    and what is the point in saying comments like; ‘she looks awful’
    don’t bother leaving a comment then.
    and; ‘shes a bad actor’, then why did she et the lead role in one of the most popuar TV shows ever!
    people need to think before they leave comments

  10. hanna Says:

    im just saying whats true jeez. and i forgot to add she needs to wear tops that dont come down that far. its looks horrible and it ruined the season 2 cover. and i agree with ashley shes a liar to make herself seem better than she is. sure ive partied and im younger than mischa but at least i can admit it while she tries to seem so innocent. its kinda a shame that she ended up like this because shes a great actress and shes gorgeous, but the drinking and drugs makes her look terrible, plus she needs to wear less make up.

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