The OC – The Complete Series Boxset is set to be released on November 27th 2007. The boxset includes:


92 Episodes/4050 Minutes,

6.5 Hours Of Special Features, 

Season 1 In WideScreen,

All New Season 4 GagReel,

Atomic County Comin Excerpts.

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  1. hanna Says:

    this is awsome!! im totally getting it even though i own all the seasons already 🙂

  2. Kim Says:

    haha me 2!! im using the excuse that i let al my friends borrow my dvd collection 2 catch them up on the shows nd now all my seasons are falling apart….i hope my parents buy that as a story cuz im freaking getting those dvds if its tha ast thing i do!!!

  3. kate Says:

    i HAVE to get it, but it annoys me that the gag reel wasn’t on the regular season four dvds

  4. Calbob Says:

    I am totally going to buy it and the design looks cool and where is the picture from and the original web address

  5. hanna Says:

    haha kim thats my excuse too!!! mine are falling apart but im gonna keep them at my vacation house.

  6. EVAN Says:


  7. kirsty Says:

    it is a defo to get this/. AWEsome

  8. YAY Says:

    YAAAY gag reel!! YAAAAAAAYYY

  9. Rudolph Says:

    Simply wonderful!

  10. Robbie Says:

    i WANT WANT WANT that!! although i have them all…


  11. savetheoc Says:

    It’s nice to see that everybody is interested! 🙂

    It is a really awesome thing to get!

  12. Alan Palse Says:

    This looks amazing!!! I have seasons 1,2 and 3 alredy but i’m totally getting this.

  13. Rex! Says:

    I want this IMMEDIATELY!!!
    Gosh 🙂 😀 :O

  14. kirsty Says:

    hi where did u get this information from?

  15. sharon Says:

    OMG i cant wait!!!
    its going to be awesome even though ive already have the whole thing LOL!

  16. robert Says:

    Where’s the image

  17. Pivi Says:


    I´m from Chile and I don´t write very well in english but I want to know when it is going to be in Latin America.
    I wait for your answer.
    Take care


  18. Alan Palse Says:

    Maybe it is going to be in latin america before USA. Most of the tv shows on dvd came first in latin america for example the release date of Prison Break season 2 in USA is September 4th but in Mexico the relaese date is August 10th. I don´t write very well in english too so sorry. I love this show.

  19. Frdrique Says:

    The O.C is so cool !!!!! This emission is very interresting and good ! Adam brody is son cute ….Oh my God this true God !

  20. i love ryan Says:

    i want the movie but i dont no were to bye it were do i bye it someone please please tell me. please

  21. daryl-leigh Says:

    definitly have thissss(L)

  22. darl-leigh Says:

    i got mine at sunrise its like a cd store

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