I’ve gathered new information on what Melinda Clarke and Autumn Reeser are up to at the moment, they both have recently landed new roles. When I get premiere dates, I will let you all know. Here goes:


Autumn Reeser, sparkplug of the fourth season of FOX’s “The O.C.,” will try to breathe new life into the long-gestating “Lost Boys” sequel.

Reeser will take the lead in “Lost Boys 2: The Tribe,” a sequel to Joel Schumacher’s 1987 vampire classic.

P.J. Pesce is apparently directing the sequel, which has been rumored in different incarnations for well over a decade.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plot focuses on siblings (Reeser and, we assume, somebody else) who move to Trinidad, California, where Reeser’s character is seduced by the leader of a cult of vampire surfers. History suggests that that’s never a good thing.

Production began this week, with both Corey Haim and Corey Feldman rumored to be reprising their roles from the original film.

Over two seasons on “The O.C.,” Reeser’s Taylor Townsend character went from social-climbing antagonist to beloved romantic lead and the actress was credited with helping restore the show’s creative juice in its final episodes. Reeser appeared in a CW pilot this past development season and will next be seen in the ABC Family movie “Nature of the Beast.”


The former Alias actress will also be gracing the small screen with an upcoming television pilot.  The crime-drama series is called The Man, which is about an undercover cop that struggles to find balance between his professional and personal life.  The cast also includes Melinda Clarke (The O.C.) and LL Cool J.

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  1. stardiva Says:

    I love that pic of Melinda!

  2. Rudolph Says:

    There will be a new The Man pilot later this year and it’s unknown if Melinda will be still it, LL Cool J has been confirmed though. The series is supposed to run during the mid season and the network seems to be not really impressed with the first pilot. Therefor don’t expect too much from it.

    I hope that Palo Alto will come to theaters soon. It’s not only with Autumn but also with Johnny Lewis (Chili, season 3) and Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas, Veronica Mars). From what I’ve heard it got great ratings and applause at various film festivals. Plus the trailer looks awesome, can’t wait to see it. 🙂

  3. savetheoc Says:

    I think Melinda looks great in the pic too 😀

  4. Jay Says:

    Melinda is playing a role in a new film called ‘Blithe and Virginia’ which is produced by Kelly Rowan. I read somewhere that it’ll will air on Lifechannel on 24th september!!!

  5. PeeWee:) Says:

    oh how great to see that they didn’t disappear after the show got cancelled!

  6. PeeWee:) Says:

    oh god damnet. linked the wrong vid. had so many tabs opened. gosh, i need to get some sleep

  7. ocfan24 Says:

    Melinda looks very beautiful on this pic

  8. I am SO happy Autumn Reeser is doing the Lost Boys sequel! That should make it watchable! I LOVED her as Taylor! She made the fourth season great! My little sis didn’t like her, thought she replaced Marissa … duh! Anyway, love your blog! Take care!

  9. Beck Says:

    oooh i like Taylor in the third season- but when she tried to replace Marissa in the fourth season- HELL NO! she sucked at being with Ryan and seeing him with her was disturbing. Marissa wipes the floor with Taylor! Plus after all they had been through Ryan should have been a lil loyal to Marissa..

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