23 August 2007 – Mischa Barton was recently seen buying ice-cream on a break from filming “The Sophmore”: Her new movie. Source.


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  1. Dan Says:

    surely she was in constume still??? she would go out in public like that??

  2. Rudolph Says:

    I’m pretty sure the ice wagon was standing right next to the set, studio, whatever. She wouldn’t probably go out that way normally, it’s kinda sweet though. 🙂

  3. ocfan24 Says:

    She looks sooo cute in this school dress : )

  4. manda Says:

    Isn’t she getting sick of playing schoolgirls? Let me guess. She’s playing the prettiest girl in school in this movie. What a stretch for Mischa.

  5. savetheoc Says:

    btw, yes she is in her set clothes..

  6. Beck Says:

    I think she suits the school girl role. Plus if she wasent the ‘prettiest girl in school’ who else would be???

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