Mischa Barton was recently seen at 2 events; here are the pictures:

2007 Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge: Source


Hampton Social At Ross: Source


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  1. Rudolph Says:

    Her dresses are…ewwww. She looks cute and everything, especially at the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge but her dresses are just so ugly and doesn’t suit her at all!

  2. skApie* Says:

    i like her shes so cwl, and i love her style, shes one of the celebs what have the best style and i totaly loves it!!!i want to knw y mischa went out of the oc, thats sooo niot cwl!!she was sort of the girl that was the face of oc!and please save the damn oc coz i want to watch it agan and it was excelent.

  3. georgia Says:

    WTF HAS HAPND 2 MEESH B. SHE LOOKS UGS IN ALMOST EVERY PIC NOW… she needs to change her hair back to blonde IMMEDIATELY:)

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