Hey guys, As you can see by the long periods inbetween posts, O.C. news is slow lately. I will, however post as soon as any news from the actors/actresses come in. Just bare with me for the next week or so, Im sure that the news will start coming in fast and furious again! 😛

Thanks for visiting! Oh, and you can leave a comment here just to let me know that you guys are still supporting the site 🙂

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34 Comments on “O.C. NEWS IS SLOW AT THE MOMENT!”

  1. Robbie Says:

    i still visit every day 😀

  2. ocfcb Says:

    me2. continue doing such great work!

  3. Victavious Says:

    same here, i visit just about everyday…soo keep up the work man, GREAT job XB

  4. Emma Says:

    I visit every day too, love the site!

  5. Rudolph Says:

    I surf this site like 3-4x times a day. 😀
    Keep it up, Sheldon! 🙂

  6. Lisa Says:

    Please keep it up, Sheldon! We appreciate your efforts!

  7. DO-WORK-SON Says:

    Do work, son!

  8. hanna Says:

    thanks so much sheldon!! i get on this site everyday 🙂

  9. alex Says:

    i love the o.c i would do anything to save the O.C

  10. mALibu Says:

    you`ve done very good work. Go on. i love the OC and i’m visting your site everyday!!

  11. Jimbo Says:

    I don’t post on the forums much, at all but stil come to see what’sup with the cast. Great that there’s still some way of keeping the OC in the memories though there neds to be more Rachel Bilson news 😉

  12. monisek Says:

    I’m here everyday, too! 🙂 I’m happy this site is still up, thaaaaaaaaaaanx Sheldon;)
    So keep it up, pls.

  13. amine Says:

    Hey sheldon,

    it’s really amazing that you are able to find all this news about the O.C. actors and actresses. i also still visit this site daily but i’m not leaving too much comments lately becuz i’ve been very bussy.
    Anyways keep the GOOD work up!
    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  14. Lea Says:

    Hey,I’m from Croatia and I love Ben!And i love O.C.!i DON’T WANT IT TO ENDS!

  15. Lea Says:

    Hey,I’m from Croatia and I love Ben!And i love O.C.!IDON’T WANT IT TO ENDS!

  16. Lea Says:

    And your site is great!

  17. savetheoc Says:

    wow, thanks everyone!

    Im glad to see that you are all still sticking around! Haha I thought I was by myself lol.

    Thanks for the camments 🙂

  18. Amy Says:

    I visit this site everyday! 🙂

  19. kate Says:

    please keep it going! this is all we have left, i check it all the time!

  20. Pia Says:

    Hey!! I’m Pia and from Denmark…
    I love Ben Mckenzie and i really think this site is Awesome – so keep up the good work, PLEASE ;o)

    Have a question for you guys.. For some time ago, you posted something about The OC complete Series.. Where can it be Bought??

    Write again soon – have a great weekend you all

  21. Viktoria Says:

    There are so many interesting things here.
    Thank you very much!!!!
    I love O.C.
    And it’s so cool that here I can meet people who also loves The O.C.

  22. queen_e Says:

    I visit almost everytime Im online! Thanks for all your great work!

  23. savetheoc Says:

    Pia: The OC Complete Series is only being released in November 2007. I will post more details up sooner to the time.

  24. oc101 Says:

    i love this website,even though the news is a little slow, it is still nice to here new thing about the actors and actresses of the oc, and i love this website for the “music of the oc”!!!!!

  25. annpg Says:

    keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  26. Rebecca Says:

    We still be representin’!


  27. Pia Says:


    Thanks a million ,o) Can’t wait…

    Season 4 haven’t even been realeased in Denmark yet, so look forward to getting the Complete Series. .

    Take care ;o)

  28. Beck Says:

    I love the O.C and this site seems great! May the O.C not be forgotten and continue to live on in our fond memories of this fantastic, entertaining show!

    P.s Mischa Bartons two dogs are adorable!

  29. Adam/McFLY-Fan! Says:

    I visit this site every seconde day, I love your site!!!<33

  30. Beck Says:

    I think the music off the O.C rocks! Does anyone else?
    Plus does anyone know if Mischa Barton dated anyone off set? I heard a rumour she dated Ben.M for a while but did she ever date/hook up with anyone else like ‘Johnny’ or ‘Volchok’?

  31. Rudolph Says:

    Yeah, I love the O.C. music, it influenced my music style a lot. 🙂

    Well, the rumour about Mischa and Ben dating was never really confirmed or denied and I doubt that they dated. The last guy I know she dated was Cisco Adler but they broke up a few months ago and since then, I just saw her solo. Johnny or Volchok? Definitely no, not that I know.

  32. Beck Says:

    oh ok thanks for that. i have always wondered if she dated any of the cast. I dont know but- i think she might have dated Ben it could be a possibility because in the fist few weeks of the show they looked pretty chummy together off set..

  33. Beck Says:

    Ahaha! Finally some closure to the topic of ‘Did Ben and Mischa date?’ ( no one probably cares) but if your curious to know weather they did or diden’t go to:

    ok,ok so not all media sources are reliable- but i think this may be true since it was published and mentions a few eye witnesses..plus how could the two of them resist one another!

    Enjoy the mystery solving! -Beck x

  34. Pia Says:

    Hey ;o)

    To Beck, thanks for clearing the rumour, i personally think they look awesome together, but guess that ship has sailed…
    The rumor in Denmark says that Mischa is currently dating James Blunt???
    What about Ben?? He’s my dream ;o) Do you know anything about him, fresh news!!!

    Take care

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