Since I haven’t watched a season 4 video of The OC on Youtube in a while, This one was very sad to me.. It just got me thinking of the finale and all the sad parts in it. Song: Avril Lavigne – When You’re Gone!

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8 Comments on “THE OC RANDOM VIDEO – SEASON 4”

  1. Amy Says:

    that was pretty sad

  2. hanna Says:

    that song always makes me cry.. and of course so does that episode.

  3. Beck Says:

    i hate the fact Ryan goes with Taylor. What a tratior to Marissa- he barely morned her death… 😦

  4. Joaniinha Says:

    I totaly agree with Beck !

  5. sarah Says:

    i think that ryan should have stayed with marissa. and not go with stupid taylor!

  6. Alisha Says:

    I think Taylor was exactly what Ryan needed! I think they saved each other.

  7. Biggest oc fan ever (Melinda) Says:

    mann i loved that video….it made me cry a little
    I miss the oc,..that was my show i looked forward too….
    I wish the oc was still on…
    love Melinda

  8. sofie Says:

    i miss it so much ❤ and i like the fact that ryan’s with taylor. but i still think marissa is the one. even if she’s gone.

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