Rachel Bilson grabs lunch with her sex therapist mom, Janice Stango, at The Mustard Seed Cafe on Friday afternoon.After lunch, Rachel, 26, noticed she had a flat tire, so the former O.C. actress stopped off at a local gas station and used the air pump to fill the tire up.


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  1. Rudolph Says:

    That it just soooo sweet and cool! She looks so natural, simply dressed and yet so beautiful. She needs to get more movie/series jobs! 🙂

  2. savetheoc Says:

    It’s nice that she’s independant and didn’t drop everything and call Hayden to rescue her.. Thats what i like about Rach!

  3. Rudolph Says:

    Yeah, totally agree with you Sheldon.

    Also, I waited till it turned September 10th here to say something: Happy Birthday Sheldon!! Today’s your special day! I wish you all the best and enjoy your day. 🙂

    You’re doing a fantastic job on this site, keep up it up, we’re all here appreciating what you have done and what you do in the future. 🙂 But today, I’m sure we can give you all a break from working on the site. 😀

  4. Beck Says:

    The poor girl can’t even pump up her tire up without getting hasseled by the paparizzi!!

  5. monisek Says:

    I floove her ❤ She’s so gorgeous, natural and cute!
    And Happy B-day Shledon, and thank you so much for this site! 🙂

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