I have posted all-new images from Benjamin McKenzie’s new movie role in “Johnny Got His Gun”. There is a website up for the movie, but it’s still under construction. I will post the link up when the site is complete!


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  1. Rudolph Says:

    Is it just me or are these pictures…weird in some way?

  2. Rom Says:

    It seems to me like if was a play, pictures shot while he was playing on stage…

  3. savetheoc Says:

    I think it has alot to do with the movie. The movie is quite dark, so i guess the pictures could relate..

  4. name Says:

    looks stupid if you ask me, he can only play one role and should have only had to play one role and that ryan atwood

  5. cecille Says:

    Very brave of Ben to take this role. He could have chosen to do something more commercial and “safe” but he chooses this one.

  6. Pia Says:

    They seems serious to me too. He looks great, really believe’s that we will see a lot Ben movies in the future ;o) This is his first big role since The OC. Think it’s great that he isn’t afraid to take such “difficult” from his role as Ryan ,o)

    Can’t wait to see it ,o)

  7. Pia Says:

    Hey again!! I meant DIFFERENT lol!!!

  8. Pia Says:

    I totally agree with Cecille ,o)

    Take care you’ll.

  9. kaleigh Says:

    johnny got his gun is an old old war movie about a soldier who gets hit with an explosive and is trapped in a sort of steel lung thing and is aware of his surroundings but can not speak or communicate with anyone
    is a wonderful piece of art from americas early days and ben mckenzie should be honored and proud to play such a prestigious role in todays theater

  10. Ben Says:

    Actually, the movie is about an American soldier that was hit with an artillery shell at the very end of World War I, making him a quadruple amputee. Not only does he loose both arms and legs, but his jaw, as well as his eyes… The whole movie basically takes place inside the soldier’s mind. What we see is an imagined vision of himself.

  11. Lenny Says:

    i think he knows how to act very well. he is one of my favorite actors of all time, i’ve seen him in the O.C., i love that show and i love how it goes, he just knows how to act and is fantastic at it. i’m looking forward to seeing this one!!!

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