24 September 2007 – Finally, some Adam candids! Adam was seen leaving a building in Hollywood where he was with one of his band members.. Hmm, Is Adam the next best thing in the music industry? I would love to find out!


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  1. Adam/McFLY-Fan! Says:

    he looks soooo damn CUTE!!!!!<333 thanks for posting the pics!!!

  2. Pia Says:

    Finally some pics ;o) Sheldon, do you know the name of his band?? Heard a rumor that he’s in a band called BIG JAPAN??

  3. Pia Says:

    Hey again. Just found out that he’s a drum player in the band BIG JAPAN, lol!!

    But can you tell me what kind of music it is?? Havent heard it here in Denmark yet, i think, lol…

    Take care sweetie

  4. Rudolph Says:

    They are playing some nice Indie/Emo music, it’s pretty good actually. Can’t wait to listen to their new album. 🙂

  5. savetheoc Says:

    Yeah, it’s Big japan 🙂

  6. Pia Says:

    Thanks ,o) Sounds awesome, look forward to hearing it here in Denmark or on the internet maybee, take care and have a great weekend.

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