Rachel Bilson was recently seen in New Yourk City at Cafe Habana with an unknowm man.


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  1. Maju Says:

    hi there! i´m argentinian & a big fan of the oc. As you know, news don´t come here quickly so i´s just starting to notice the reason why the show was cancelled. Too bad!! i loved the show. Is so nice to have people who´s still talking about the show and the people in it!! well i don´t have much more to say, so…
    bye & see ya!
    ps: i´d really apreciate if you send me any news from anything about the show, thanks!! here is my mail: maju_abejas@hotmail.com

  2. Rudolph Says:

    Hm, is it just me or does Rachel look tired without the glasses? She could also be just sad about something, i.e. breakup with Hayden Christiansen? Maybe that’s the reason why she wears them almost all the time. 😉

    And greetings to Argentinia, it’s nice to see O.C. fans from all over the world. I’m from Germany so I’m like a 25 hour flight away. 😀

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