Trailer: Episode 8 – Chuck Vs. The Truth. This episode is the first out of 2 episodes starring Rachel Bilson. It looks awesome! I hope she does awesome! 🙂 Chuck Airs Monday @ 8/7C on NBC

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  1. annieinmn Says:

    I am so looking forward to seeing RBils on tv again! I loved the OC reference in last week’s Chuck episode, thanks for helping me find the link to the youtube video for the Chuck countdown scene. I have been looking for it! 🙂
    RIP The OC! I will always be their biggest fan.

  2. sharon Says:

    Do you know if the show is coming to Australia?

  3. Maju Says:

    here in argentina chuck begins today… can anyone tell me which number of episode is the countdown scene (oc reference)? thanks… we´ll be in touch

    the oc, forever

  4. savetheoc Says:

    ^ Maju: The Countdown scene is in episode 6 of Chuck

    ^ Sharon: The last time that I checked it was scheduled to start in Aus.

  5. queen_e Says:

    Cool, thanks for the trailer!!!!! Love this site…… miss the o.c terribly….

  6. sharon Says:

    ok thanks heaps! would you know what channel? lol sorry.

  7. Maju Says:

    THANKS FOR THE DATA!!! yesterday (in arg) began gossip girl, what do you think about the show?

    always the oc

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