SaveTheOC has reached 1,000,000 hits/page views today. When i started this blog i really never ever expected to reach close to 1 million page views/hits and i definately didn’t expect so many loyal visitors and fans of The OC to stick around and support the site and every project that we have done! I have not seen many of the old loyal visitors around in the last few months but I thank all of them for participating in all the campaigns that I set up to try and save The OC.

A big thank you goes to everyone who still visits this site religeously and comments frequently, It is really, really appreciated. I try my hardest to update atlease twice a week and your comments really keep me committed. I have decided to share a few site stats with you.

*The blog has been running for 17 months now

*The blog was officially opened on the 18 June 2006. I decided to open it after reading that Kelly Rowan confirmed that The OC was only going to get 16 episodes in season 4.

*The first post on this site ever was posted on June 18, 2006. View the post Here.

*Total views as of now: 1,000,653

*Total comments: 1872 (Many were deleted last year)

*Best day ever: 11,876 Views on January 5, 2007

*The first layout that SaveTheOC had was this one which was changed a few months ago:


Again, Thank you all for making this one awesome site to have worked on for the last 17 months 🙂

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  1. Chris Says:

    Great site, keep up the good work,THANKS

    OC= best show ever!!!!!!!!

  2. xicofixas Says:

    congratlations from a portuguese fan of your site and ofcourse a huge fan of o.c.

  3. Pia Says:

    Dearest Sheldon ;o)

    Congrets!! Thats simply just AWESOME ;o) YEAH!!!

    I also like to thank you ( again ) for your incredible work, with this totally awesome OC site, its truely the best on the net ;o) I try to view the every day, mostly i actually do and when i dont get to visit every ( unfortunately it happens ) i feel bad and conscience-stricken… Simply cause you put so much into this site and use seriously amounts off your personal time to this!!! That i appreciate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks again and keep up the awesome work, im not going anywhere, lol!!

    Yours truely site fan PIA

  4. Dan Says:

    Sheldon!! congrats..the site is ausome!! is still check it out every day…thanks for keeping the oc alive!!

    cheers from australia

  5. Link Says:

    Congratulations Sheldon! Boy, if i got like that many hits that mean like tons to me! lol You deserved it! You’ve done so much for the site and put in so much effort just to keep The OC alive!


  6. savetheoc Says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words everyone, I really do appreciate it. And, trust me, I’ll carry on with this site until i grow my first grey hair 😛 lol.

  7. Amy Says:

    This site is great, I visit it everyday!

  8. THANK YOU for this beautiful & updated site!

    en you’re very very welcome 😀

  9. pops Says:

    Have been visiting your blog since your first post 🙂 i remember the days when it was announced that the end was here. I however never felt like they should have continued, it was time.

    The best part about this blog is that you get a update what the o.c gang is doing, i am also a fan of chuck and it was soo weird to see rachel on. It was strange, but very nice to see her on the telly again. I miss season one 😦

  10. Manoury Says:

    This site is really great, I miss O.C., especially Season one. O.C. had so much potential.

    Greetings from Austria (!!not Australia!!)

  11. Rudolph Says:

    Been without Internet lately and haven’t had the chance to stop by earlier.

    Anyway, thanks and congrats Sheldon for making this awesome site, the one million page visits is a big big milestone for a blog about a cancelled TV show. We wouldn’t be here without you, I wouldn’t be so good informed about what’s going on with the O.C. gang without you and a part of my life, which this show was more than any other TV show, would just slowly die without you.

    Keep it up, I’m not going anywhere either! 🙂

  12. amine Says:

    That’s awesome. I’ve been looking forward to it.

    You always kept us informed and entertained. And even though The O.C. still got cancelled. I felt good for knowing that you tried to save my favorite show.
    And if you didn’t start this site, all of that wouldn’t be possible.
    And if there’s someone that needs to be thanked it’s you, Because every visit to this site was a reward on itself!

    Rudolph, That makes two of us:)

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  13. Maju Says:

    congrats!! and thanks to bring me awesome information… the biggest site, and also the greatest. for a millon more to come!! go oc!!Maju from argentina

  14. Kaitlin Says:

    ryan atwood!!!!!!!!!!

  15. shamowilly Says:

    save the o.c i love it.
    being in england i only just found out about it and i immediatly went out and bought all 4 seasons 😀
    bring it back

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