Josh Schwartz had an exclusive interview with TV Gudie for the officiall release of The OC Complete series Boxset (which went on sale yesterday btw). The interview is very, very long so I have included some of the highlights, but you can read the rest Here. I love Josh’s interviews, He always makes them funny and fun to read… Althought, reading this did make me sad because it brought back all of my O.C memories.

What did you get to do with The Complete Series set that wasn’t in the previous seasons?
Well, the first thing I got to do was really dorky: I finally put the first season in wide-screen, which had never been done before. But mostly, it’s the idea of having the entire series in one cool looking box.

Considering you have Chuck and Gossip Girl going on, I can imagine you didn’t have the time to go and rewatch four years of The O.C. again…
Ahhh, I get very nostaligic. The other day I was flipping through the TV the other day and landed on SoapNet repeat of the Tijuana episode. And I got extremely nostalgic, remembering where I was when I wrote that episode and the whole thing. It was very emotional.

Do you feel that was because of the smaller cast? You sort of stuck to the core characters in that final season.
Yeah, we stuck with the core cast and for me, I felt like maybe things got a little overcooked in season 3. You know, you’re trying to top yourself and eventually, you can go over the cliff with Johnny. So I think in season 4 we wanted to scale back the number of characters and really dig in to the ones we had and lighten the tone. The Ryan-Taylor romance did a lot to accomplish that. And I think it was the fourth episode of season 4, that’s a particular favorite of mine. I also like the sort of alt-world Chrismukkah episode and I was really pleased with how the series finale turned out.

Who did you most enjoy writing for?
Oh boy. You know, I loved writing [this show]. I wrote a ton of the first season and still quite a bit of the second season and I loved writing for everybody. You really start to anticipate how performances will be delivered and every character was so distinct, you know? You’d write a scene with Caleb and Sandy Cohen in it and those two felt so distinct from writing a Summer-Marissa scene. Seth-Summer scenes were always really fun to write, Seth-Ryan scenes, and I always loved a good father-son talk. That being said, though, Julie Cooper may have been the most fun to write.

Do you ever need to hear that Phantom Planet ever again?
[Laughs] You know, that was a happy accident the way that song fell in to the show, but it became such a signature part of The O.C. And you have to think, every time I had to watch a cut of the show and the main titles credits, I have probably heard that song 1700 times. But I will always listen to it with fondness. What’s weird for me is that when we started shooting Gossip Girl, the cast said to me ‘are we gonna get soundtracks? Can we have a main title like The O.C.?’ and I thought, ‘oh my god, I am now doing a teen drama with teenagers whose teen drama they grew up on was The O.C.‘ I feel very, very old. [Laughs]

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  1. Pia Says:

    Great interview ;o) Thanks for posting….

    Im totally getting the Complete Series, maybe my christmas present from me to me, lol!!!

    Take care ;o)

  2. sh Says:

    i love Josh Schwartz!!!

  3. Amy Says:

    This was a great interview!!
    I miss The OC sooo much!

  4. BiggestO.C.FanEver! Says:

    i got the box set, for christmas,
    i dont go anywear without it!
    i also got a portable dvd player, and at night, i stay up til like, 1:30 watching all the episodes !

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