Ben Mckenzie recently attended The Young Storytellers Foundation event in Los Angeles. This even took place on December 3rd. And, sorry it’s tagged!


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  1. georgia Says:

    wazzup wit da frst pic of hym;) hezzzz HAWT i luv hym soooo much hehe…

  2. georgia Says:

    OMG…i just enlarged the secnd pic and OMFG he luks lyk hez 40! wth happnd 2 him…oh well hez still HAWT STUFF:P

  3. amine Says:

    Yeah, it weird. He looks really pale.
    Maybe he’s going trough some love-drama,
    but you can’t blame the guy. I mean he just finished shooting a movie where he has no eyes,ears,mouth or legs.
    maybe that explains it:)

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  4. Pia Says:

    Nice to see him ;o) Think he looks great though…

    Sweet pic with the little girl ;o) To Amine; Maybe thats true, lol!! Is the filming over since you write it like that??!!

    Take care you’ll and have a awesome weekend

  5. magdi Says:

    he is so cute 😀

  6. Pia Says:

    Hey Sheldon ;o)

    Hopefully youll see this message, write here cause my Email is down today!!

    Wanted too tell you that ive found Ben news ;o)

    First, From the ” I Am Legend” Premiere in New York on december 11 ( source imagevenue )

    And… from an Event in Las Vegas, Nevada at the LAX Nightclub on december 8, Saw it on Photobucket.

    Wanted too add some off the pics but my computer isnt actually willing to cooperate today..

    But, hope youll find them and post them, so sorry i couldnt be more helpfull ;o) In some off the pics he looks pale, tired and brused… Look like stitches over his right eye and some bruses on his one hand…. And in one he looks SO different that he doesnt look like my Ben at all ;o(

    Hope my mail gets better soon so i can write you ;o)

    Take Care ;o)


  7. arie Says:

    omg , he loooks old.
    maybe the oc being cancelled can do that to a person.

    he looks ..different!
    Poor him. I think im gonna cry.

  8. Taynara Says:

    He’s so cute, 😀

    The O.C. (L)

  9. jee Says:

    he is my husbanth and nothing else

  10. e2pq\n Says:

    omg he looks really gross and old. what has hapened to the GORGEOUS o.c. hottie? especially in season 1 + 2 with the fringe… anyway, yeah, he looks awful now… ) :

  11. Ally Says:

    Omg he is so hot!!!
    i think that the o.c should still be going just because of him i mean all i see now is reruns!!!

    I ❤ you Ben!!!

  12. Maria Parashchak Says:

    I think that he is still fine and good looking its just the only thing he is missing is Misha Barton. Thays why he is so pale.



  13. bobbie jonsson,perkins Says:

    i love you so so uch and your so hot i cant wait to see 88minutes and i LOVE the o.c omg i love you

  14. ela Says:

    benjamin seni seviyorum

  15. Abby Says:

    omg in like season 1 and 2 of the o.c. he was just too damn hot! like everytime he and micha barton would make out i would be like damn i wanna make out with him. and then after the o.c. i noticed he got like uglier. like his hair used to be hot and his eyes. maybe it was the tv make up and stuff 😦 im so sad… i need a time machine to go back and re-live the magic of that suspense when each week the new episode would come on… now they’re all repeats and you’re just like oh great i already know this episode and it… it just sucks 😥 😥 😥 now he’s as old as my dad and its weird. yah im only 12 lol STILL SOOO SAD!!

  16. Kerli Says:

    I really like OC, im from Estonia.. it would be great if they make a film 😀

  17. shelly Says:

    I think he looks hot in the OC, but in his modeling pics, he looks retarded.

  18. Rebecka, from Sweden Says:

    Ben you are so cute and hot,

    I love you Ben 3<<<

  19. shama Says:

    guys can’t u see that , maybe he’s just tired ..wut do u think that’s he’s an angel he can’t be tired or exohsted !!! chell maybe it’s just a bad shot and in a bad corner .. he’s just a human .. !!!!! so stop gossping about him cuz i admire him so much and im a big fam of him ^_^

  20. amanda Says:

    i REALLY wanna bring the oc back
    i LOVE that show
    i am ADICTIDE

  21. janne Says:

    send to me e-mail..

  22. Carley [OC fan] Says:

    I miss the OC so MUCH!! I cannot believe a show that was doing so well would just finish! i still can’t get over it!
    Stop bitching about how tired he looks and horrible! if you truely are a benjamin mckenzie fan, you wouldn’t think he looks awful at all!

  23. maria jose Says:

    amo a este mino sobre todo cuando muere marissa cooper es demaciaso triste

  24. hilal Says:

    ben mckenzie seni çok seviyorum çok tatlısın ayrıca ben bir türk’üm e2’de filminiz var sewerek izliyorum sen çççççoooookkkkk tatlısın resmen senin hayranınım

  25. hilal Says:

    yaaaaaa seni çok seviyorum hayranınım muck muck h by

  26. caqla Says:

    Misha Barton’ın ayrılmasıyla dizi benim için zaten bitmişti.. Zevk alamadım fakat yinede Benjamin ve Adam için izledim..

  27. JULIAAAA Says:

    what a cutie. not feelin the boots, the oc is over; accept it and move on with your lives, I finally have and i feel free.

  28. josh Says:

    shelly dont say retarded, my brothers retarded

  29. Josh Says:

    I mean mentally challenged, that’s what you should say…

  30. babiangelsweetie Says:


  31. Hope Says:

    I love Ben, man when i began to watch the o.c. i fell in love with him, hope i run into him sumday… love u ben… love hope in California xxxx

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