Today marks one of the saddest days of mine and all of the dedicated OC fans around the world. The OC was cancelled exactly 1 year ago on 3 January 2007 by FOX.

I remember opening my Internet Explorer page and going directly to one of The OC forums and saw all these new “The OC was cancelled” threads and “FOX ends The OC” etc. I really couldn’t believe my eyes until I saw the official press release from FOX. I found out at about 11 PM here in South Africa, and I am truly not lying but I just could not fall asleep, all I could think about was The OC being cancelled. I guess that’s what an obsession to the world’s greatest show does to you.

I have decided to include an article on The OC’s cancellation with a disturbing picture.

Jan 3, 2007 -The sun will set for the last time on THE O.C. when the series ends its four-season run Thursday, Feb. 22 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. The countdown has begun, with all-original episodes airing from Thursday, Jan. 4 through the last episode on Feb. 22.THE O.C. stars Peter Gallagher (Sandy Cohen), Kelly Rowan (Kirsten Cohen), Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan Atwood), Adam Brody (Seth Cohen), Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper), Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts), Autumn Reeser (Taylor Townsend) and Willa Holland (Autumn Reeser). Set in Orange County, California, THE O.C. premiered in August 2003. It follows a group of friends and families whose lives were changed by the arrival of an outsider – Ryan Atwood – to their ocean-side community of Newport Beach.THE O.C. revived the teen drama genre while including humorous and heartfelt adult storylines. Shortly after its summer premiere, THE O.C. was a pop culture phenomenon – its actors are household names and its indie music (and subsequent six soundtracks) and hip California wardrobe are sought-after in stores. The show’s Newport Beach locale also has become a popular tourist attraction as fans visit the real locations featured in their favorite episodes.“THE O.C. Season Four finale will also be the series finale. This feels like the best time to bring the show to its close,” said Josh Schwartz, creator and executive producer of THE O.C. “Thanks to the hard work of our cast, crew and writers, we have enjoyed our best season yet, and what better time to go out than creatively on top. It has been an amazing experience and a great run. For a certain audience, at a certain time, THE O.C. has meant something. For that we are grateful.”Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. MJ Says:

    Still kills me…

    Josh should pull a Kevin Smith/Richard Linklater-esque move and revisit these characters again in the future.

  2. georgia Says:

    Reading this made me cry, the wounds are still raw and I could never get over The O.C. I have basically given my life to it and that picture just bought up so many feelings! 😦 3RD OF JAN=WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!

  3. Ciara Says:

    reading this made me cry all over again ;( the oc made my life complete.

  4. david Says:

    i love oc 😦

  5. hanna Says:

    i remember this day last year. it was so devastating when i heard the news it was like someone just died. 😦

    The OC

  6. Rachel Says:

    Its so sad that the O.C is cancelled I still love watching it and cant get enough of it

  7. Amy Says:

    I remember the day I read this on the internet 😦

  8. Rudolph Says:

    It’s already been a year, huh? Can’t believe it, I’m still soooo addicted to The OC and just can’t let it go. I’ve seen every season over and over again since the last episode aired back in February, so sad. And I can remember the day when I saw this news, too. What a sad day. 😦

  9. Maju Says:

    here in Argentina every new is 100 miles away from the day that actually happened… but i swear that every day i´m sad first of all, i don´t understand why they killed Marissa… but i´m really sad because of the cancelation of the show…. i´ll always remember THE OC… and i guess all of the fans will miss it too…

  10. OC ADDICT Says:

    UPSETTING!!!!!!!! well first of all i regret never getting into the 1st 3 seasons although i guess being 11 you dont really get into those shows but i 1st got into the oc when the 4th season started and i thought that i must have been a retard back the to not get into it. And when i recieved the news it wasnt a huge impact on me until the next auguest when much music started to air the re runs. After the 1st episode I was hooked. now since its gone i have been trying to save it with e-mails and all that. Now being a ful year the OC has surprisingly got more popular here in Canada. All acros the nation it keeps getting bigger since much music started airing the re runs. well thats all i really got to say bout this but we cant just give up. Also i want to comment on josh schwartz’s comment in that article. Josh didn’t want the serise to end it was allll fox’s idea. FOX cancels shows way to early.

  11. Alan PalSe Says:

    JANUARY 3RD = WORST DAY (week, month, etc) OF MY LIFE = THE WORST YEAR BEGINNING OF MY LIFE!! Man i can’t believe it’s been a year. I miss this show sooooo much!!

  12. amine Says:

    So it’s already a year huh….
    This really makes me think about the first day that i visited this site, The pictures of Ryan in a Cage fight we’re just put up. And it was amazing to see that they were trying something different with taylor and actually the whole Cast.
    And then the news of th cancellation came and turned everything upside down. When i read the official press release of the cancellation i just couldn’t believe it and i kept reading it over and over again. It was one of the saddest days of my life.
    But The O.C. will always be remembered and thus it still lives on!

    The OC, still the best show out there!

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  13. Summergirl Says:

    It’s been a whole year since the show was cancelled – and I’m STILL mad at Josh Schwartz. I think he just lost interest or ran out of steam and decided to call it quits. There was so much more they could have done. They could have at least made 23 or 25 episodes, choosing to explore Ryan’s grief in full, instead of giving us a measly 16, and pretending it was a ‘whole season’. It was not a whole season. It was merely a half-hearted attempt at one. There were some great ideas for plotlines which I had hoped to see after Marissa died, and Season 4 didn’t show, and now I’ll never get to see them because the show was cancelled.

    And that is why I’m still angry at Josh. I felt like he didn’t show enough respect to the fans who had watched The OC from the beginning and made it – and him – such a huge success by bowing out early and sending The OC to an early grave. Even if they had made it to 5 seasons that would have been something.

  14. kara Says:

    i know EXACTTLYY WHAT YOU MEAN. all my friends think i’m just joking or trying to be funny when i say i’m obsessed with the o.c.. But it’s an obsession and it’s like there’s an empty hole in my heart. I’ll admit, I’ve gotten better with dealing with it (it sounds like I have a mental disease, lol), but still, there will ALWAYS be a spot in my heart for the o.c.. and of course, i’ll always be able to recite every episode. =]

  15. robert Says:


  16. celebrumors Says:

    =[=[=[ i miss the o.c!
    it was the best show ever.
    i was in love with ryissa. = ryan + marissa haha.

  17. Gabrielle Says:

    Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the series finale, or depending on where you live, I guess it is right now. RIP

  18. Alyssa Says:

    I swear i was never as sad as I was on the day and really the oc does make you obsess i had a panic attack when i heard i wounldn’t stop crying and I would do anything to keep the show going i swear and anyone who agrees email me @ bffanb@aol.com because we should start a petition

  19. Luke Says:

    Biggest mistake was cancelling the O.C., All the actors since the cancellation of the O.C. have not had any decent roles in anything,

    I remeber when I first watched the O.C. it was at a cottage that had a t.v. with only one channel working, a girl at the cottage told me to watch some new drama teen show that is airing for the first time, I was reluctant since I was a guy and never watch any of that stuff but I gave in, and became a crazy addict ever since never missing a epi, so if you can get a guy to watch a drama teen show like that it must mean its a pretty damm good show.

    Definatley should start a petition or something! on the bright side all the people missing it will eventually get over it, its gonna take longer then a year but it will happen, its just like a relationship lol

  20. […] 3 JANUARY 2008 – MARKS THE O.C’S 1 YEAR CANCELLATION ANNIVERSARY! «Today marks one of the saddest days of mine and all of the dedicated OC fans around the world. The OC was cancelled exactly 1 year ago on 3 January 2007 by FOX. … I have decided to include an article on The OC’s cancellation with a disturbing picture. […]

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