Former O.C. hunk Benjamin McKenzie cozies up with a female friend at NYC hotspot Stereo on Saturday.The 29-year-old actor also spent New Year’s in the Big Apple. Ben was seen partying with Kid Rock, Blake Lewis and Mena Suvari at the Rock-hosted New Year’s Eve Bash at the Hotel Gansevoort.Let’s hope Ben starts lining up some work for 2008! –

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  1. MJ Says:

    Argghh New York…. I live there now and cant wait to move somewhere else.

    Perfect place to stop through and visit but living there… not so much.

    What is Ben wearing? That looks like a very shiny shirt lol…

  2. savetheoc Says:

    ^ I think that the shiny part is someone’s hair. If you look right at the bottom of the picture on the right side, you’ll see an ear. 😉

  3. georgia Says:

    holy mother of cohen hes looking HOT.

  4. MJ Says:

    You’re right, it is someone’s hair HAHA.

  5. Ciara Says:

    OMG he is so hot urgghhh he was in the big apple and i was stuck here in canada I ❤ BEN MCKENZIE xoxox

  6. Nikki Says:

    Ben Mckenzie is looking very good!!

  7. Pia Says:

    WHAT!!!! He looks drunk and who the heck is she!!!

  8. Pia Says:

    Hes my McDreamy no doubt, but im not that in to me a the time, cant explain ;o)
    And “off course” hes drunk its new years eve, but not a very nice pic…

  9. ben=love Says:

    ooh bad boy ben. gotta nice ring to it. hez hot…and drunk LOL. i love him, i wonder if him and that chick hooked up?!

  10. Pia Says:

    To Ben-love,

    Do you know who that girl is????

    Know me previous comments could sound a bit Bitchie… But i still adore him, hes my McDreamy after all, lol

  11. ben=love Says:

    same here Pia. I actually have no clue who she is but they seem to be having fun LOL. i find this pic cute for some reason >> don’t know why seeing as how MY FUTURE HUSBAND LOL has another girl on his lap but oh well….LOL =]

  12. Pia Says:

    lol!!! Also long time ago we’ve seen him with anyone… So our DcDreamy doesnt strike as the bad boy type and im greatfull for that :o)

    We can share him ;o)

    Im okay again, but i got irretatet when i first saw the pic, but hes just human like the rest of us ;o) But we usually dont get our pictures whwn were wasted ;o)

    Take care

  13. Pia Says:

    Hey ;o)
    Hope you get the point off me respons….. im quite busy at the moment, sorry..

  14. Pia Says:

    Sorry about the errors in spelling, my keybord is teasing me, lol!!!

    Take care,
    Pia Denmark

  15. ben=love Says:

    LOL. keyboards can be evil…;)

  16. name Says:


  17. Iloveben Says:

    Ben is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Fran Says:

    Does anyone know were you can find pics of him in this year?

    Other than this picture?

    Is there a Website?

    He look like he is having funn(:

    They need a reunion with the cast soon !


    and ddoes anyone know what chanlle the oc airs the re runs on other than the soap net channel?

    Because i don’t have the lots of channel thing only the basic ones.

  19. teensoftheoc Says:

    fran just go on a ben website, then click candids in the gallery. or w/e you want.

  20. Julie Says:

    i live in switzerland and i watch The Oc everyday i love Ben Mckenzie he’s so hot!! BEN JE T’AIME MON CHÉRI!!!!!

  21. Tsvetelina Says:

    The O.C is te best and Ben Mckenzie ,Mischa Barton,Adam Brody,Rachel Bilson is the best too .I live in Bulgaria and I watch The OC everyday.I love Ben McKenzie.:* :* :* :* {}

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