Adam Brody, who became a pin-up to millions of girls playing Seth Cohen in the Orange County-based drama, has started a professional and personal relationship with Palmer, his co-star in the upcoming flick Justice League of America.

While she’s set to kill his character, Wall West aka The Flash, in the superhero blockbuster, it was all sweet lovin’ for the off-screen couple, who held hands and cuddled up over dinner at Lotus restaurant in Potts Point on Saturday night.

Onlookers who contacted Confidential yesterday were stunned to see the celebrity duo, who sat in a party of six, going largely unnoticed for the duration of their meal.

“They were just the sweetest couple and couldn’t stop holding each others hand the whole time,” our nosh spot spy said.

“He signed a menu for a waiter and they posed for a pic but otherwise they were just really cool about being there together.”

Palmer’s last public affair was believed to be with her leading man in the unreleased feature film Kids In America, Topher Grace.

They began dating after meeting on the set, with Palmer dumping her then AFL star boyfriend Stuart Dew to pursue a romance with the Spiderman 3 actor.

With Justice League understood to be on hold as producers try to tweak the script, the couple were last spotted heading off into the night together in a taxi and overheard planning sight-seeing in Port Stephens.


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  1. celia Says:

    Teresa Palmer was the original actress cast for Jumper but she was replaced by Rachel Bilson when the original actor was replaced by Hayden Christensen. Talk about ironic.

    Hollywood is like a high school when it comes to actors dating each other.

  2. georgia Says:

    I’m glad Adam is happy. Even though it isn’t with me. LOL

  3. sofie Says:

    NO! now i dont have a chanse ;( haha 😛

  4. amine Says:

    It’s nice to see he’s moving on as well:)
    One day Adam’s name will also be next to the great actors like leonardo dicaprio, Al pacino,Jim carrey etc.
    Good for You!:P

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  5. alba Says:

    Justice League has officially been put on hold. The movie’s not happening.

  6. MATUMIKE Says:

    heeeyy she is pretty ive never seen her before haha weell i guess im happy because he iss sooo… mmm i have still a hopee of adam and rachel coming back together!! they are just the cutest coupleee ever!!! HE IS SOOO HOT!!! and what about the movie??? what happened with it?

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