Outtakes of Rachel Bilson’s photoshoot which is going to be in the February 2008 edition of GQ have been released on the net. Here’s a few of the pictures. She’s looking hot!


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  1. amine Says:

    I totally agree with you:D
    Holy mother of jesus!
    Keep doing what you’re doin Rachel, we aren’t going anywhere:)

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  2. mims Says:

    She said in an interview she doesn’t want to do nudity in movies. But she doesn’t mind appearing in a bikini in GQ. Whatever…

  3. Rudolph Says:

    There is “SMALL” difference between doing some erotic pictures and going nude in a movie. 😉

  4. MJ Says:

    What a woman…

  5. kay Says:

    hasn’t she gotten skinner?

  6. Ryan Says:

    Oh my God!, she´s so hot!!!

  7. Pia Says:

    Wow, she hot, great pics ;o)

  8. Summergirl Says:

    I thought I read somewhere that Rachel said that she wouldn’t strip off for men’s mags because she believed that your body should only be shared with your partner. I remember thinking ‘Good for her. At last here’s a girl who won’t have her principles compromised.’ I’m SURE she said that. Oh well. I suppose she changed her mind.

    I mean, I’m not condemning her, but jeez, for so many actresses, doesn’t it seem like this is the route they take to ‘further’ their career? I appreciate beauty as much as the next person, but can’t they cover up for once?!

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