Firstly, R.I.P Heath Ledger, It’s such a shame that he died so young. I was and still am a big fan of his. May he rest in peace 😦

Rachel Bilson went grocery shopping yesterday, 22 January 2008:


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  1. Pia Says:

    Im so sad today, i also liked Heath… sad sad sad and so tragic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P Heath.

    Rachel looks cute and great to see her smiling ;o) Where did she go shopping? Mean, she is dressed like its seriously winther

  2. savetheoc Says:

    I believe it was raining yesterday when she went shopping. She went to a store close to her home.

  3. Pia Says:

    Okay, looked looks judgeing from her clothes…. But she’s skinny so, lol!!! Meant sweet..

  4. Pia Says:

    Meant; Looked cold

  5. Pia Says:

    Sheldon ;o)

    How can i get a picture on when im writeing, thougt it would be nice ;o) I would choose a pic off my dog Luna

  6. Pia Says:

    Its also raining here today, not my favorite kind off weather….

    Have to log off for now, but write soon ^^

    Take Care ;o)

  7. MJ Says:

    Sniffin the parsley, is it? LOL!

    Arggghhh she is adorable.

  8. Amy Says:

    It rained here in Sweden today, too!

    R.I.P. Heath Ledger 😦

  9. Ciara Says:

    awww she looks so different! shes gotten a lot skinnier ?!?! but she looks happy

  10. ben=love Says:

    I dont find her to be skinnier, I think she’s looking absolutely incredibly gorgeous! Rachel can never do wrong and she is the only celeb that makes casual clothes and an over-enthusiastic smile look cute.

  11. alba Says:

    Rachel’s a lot skinnier. Just comppare her pictures today and from OC Season One.
    She’s lost so much weight the shape of her face changed.

  12. ben=love Says:

    Yes, but S1 was like 4 years ago. Everyones body changes in that amount of time. I’m sure that if she still was the way she was in S1 (voluptuous and incredibly gorgeous BTW) she would probably get some bad press about not being thin enough. That’s a really awful thing to think about but it’s the way society is at the moment.

  13. Sarah Says:

    I agree with ben=love…and she still looking really gorgeous no matter the changes. =)

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