Mischa Barton turned 22 today, 24 January 2008. I hope she has an awesome day 🙂

Thanks to Mischa-B.com for the image.

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  1. MJ Says:

    Aww, happy birthday to Mischa!

    I wish her the best, and am excited to see what age 22 has in store for her.

  2. amine Says:

    Happy birthday Mischa!

    I hope that you see this as a fresh start and just act like the Mischa we all love!

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  3. LoveTheOCorDie Says:

    Happy Birthday Meesh! Hopefully this year won’t be such a bummer. LOL. But just one word of advice: DYE YOUR HAIR BACK TO DARK BLONDE OR HONEY BLONDE, W/E I DONT CARE JUST DO IT MISCHA!!!! LOL.

  4. alba Says:

    Happy Birthday Mischa
    Lay off the bad stuff. You’re 22 now.

  5. Pia Says:

    Happy Birthday gorgeous ;o)

  6. Rob7 Says:

    habby birthday Mischa
    you are really beautiful person for me
    hello and kisses by Rob7(an italian boy)

  7. Rob7 Says:

    excuse me not habby birthday but happy birthday
    Hello and kisses by Rob7(the italian boy)

  8. ocfcb Says:

    Happy Birthday.
    The Image ist awesome!!

  9. Halvard Tvetene Says:

    Happy Birthday Mischa!
    You and Rachel are the best girls ever!
    I want to meet you for real, but that wont happend 😥

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