There is no news to post at the moment so I thought i’d post, which is undoubtfully one of the best scenes of The OC ever, It’s the saddest scene, in my opinion aswell. What goes through everyone’s minds when you guys watch this?

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  1. amine Says:

    I love this scene, best season finale ever!
    Well, I think if I was in Ryan’s place. I would have the feeling like, no matter what i did, it would always end up bad for me. Because, it was like, finally! Everything was allright, and the BOOM! Everything crumbles down…… And let’s not forget about the cohen’s. To open up your heart and adopt someone and treat him like your own son. And then for him to leave……
    That’s like loosing a son. Seth really connected with him and his life after 18 years=P finally got a little bit fun. So it’s not weird he reacted that way. But it’s a situation that no one would ever want to be in.
    The perfect ending for a perfect Season!

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  2. MJ Says:

    That really is possibly the best scene in the entire series. Just, wow. So amazing.

    What I loved about the finale/that scene was the poetry of Seth’s decision. It’s not exactly realistic, its sort of this idealist impulsive act, but the poetry of the image of Seth sailing off into the unknown was beautiful. The fact that you don’t know where he’s going, or what his plan is, totally doesn’t matter and in fact knowing that information would detract from the poetic power. He is lost, both figuratively and literally now.

    Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” is now forever attached to this sequence. There is no other song that could have fueled the emotions of this scene. Just perfection.

    These kind of sequences were what The OC was all about. This is what they excelled at, the montages that take you from character to character, showing you where they’re at in life, always set to the perfect song.

    I was not as emotional again watching the series until “The Graduates” (the ending of which, I still believe was a mistake by the way).

  3. Alicia Says:

    That was one of the bestest scene ever..

    If i was seth and nobody liked me b-4 ryan came i would probley go and run away two!
    Going into the middle of the sea i think it would be realxing and it would be fun… if u newq how to sail!

    The song was the bes choice for this scene it made the scene so much sadder:(

    i cryed my eyes out when this scene came on is was so freken sad:(

  4. OCFan.x Says:

    Whenever I Hear This Song It Makes Me Think Of This Scene.

    I Love It! But It Always Makes Me Tear Up.
    Just Remember Watching It For The First Time And I Couldn’t Wait For The Second Series.

    Love It Muchly!
    Thanks For Posting (:

  5. Rudolph Says:

    Yep, thanks for keeping us entertained Sheldon! 🙂

    I saw this episode just yesterday as I finally got my OC Superbox lately and rewatch the whole show the seventh time I guess. 😀 It’s such an amazing and intense season finale, especially when Kirsten cried, I almost started to cry too.

    I still hope we might hear something new from the OC gang, they can’t ignore this site and the viewer base the show still has! Pleeeease bring it back on with some new episodes, a movie or whatever!

  6. ben=love Says:

    Crap my make up. Tears are streaming down my eyes, every time I watch this I cry for hours on end. I miss The O.C., I love it more than my family. I’d give my life for it and any of the amazing cast.

    [~ >> ~ WHEN THE OC ENDED, SO DID MY LIFE ~ << ~]

  7. Ciara Says:

    awww i miss this sooo much. the oc completed my life. what r u supposed to do now that its gone??? im upset now….

  8. MATUMIKE Says:

    it is just the sadest video everrr i love it it is really sad but it is sooo good…when seth saails awaay and ryan has to come back to chinooo and marissaa drinkss agaain its just perfect…SAD haha weell the oc will always be my favouriteee shoooww i reaaalllyyy love it!!! Thannx for posting this!!!


  9. sofie Says:

    this scene is so sad. when i first watched it .. like 4 years ago i cried for 20 min ! it’s a mix of sadness all over. marissa, ryan, seth .. who i really relate to btw, sandy & kirsten .. it makes you wanna cry. ❤ i love the OC, always will.

  10. Pia Says:

    To Alba

    Thanks a million for the link to 88minutes ;o)

  11. Halvard Tvetene Says:

    I want O.C to come back! please, cant someone see this?
    Make season 5,6,7 and 8! please :””'(

    LOVE, O.C<3

  12. Sin Says:

    First time I saw this, I cryed. So much emotion. Very good actors and music arrangement. I mean, its perfect!

  13. Khrisztian Says:

    It’s sooo sad !!! OMG when I saw this episode I felt very emotional, it’s like being in the series, like feeling all those characters as your own friends..

  14. Lisa Says:

    When i first saw this i broke into tears.. I mean, at this time u didn´t know if ryan ever was coming back.. and marissa starts to drink here again…it´s like a bad omen for what will happen to her at the end.. it´s so sad, but i cried the most when marissa died. i guess i never really did overcome this, lol… i always wished, ryan and marissa will get married at the end and end up so good as seth and summer..=(

  15. kiq Says:

    It’s unbelievably sad. When i started to watch the o.c., my point of view changed, my life changed, i started to think differently… I don’t know why, i love the o.c. and their music editing really was amazing! My music taste changed kind of, i have a huge folder with all of the songs from the show… Finley Quaye & Willim Orbit “Dice”, “Hallelujah”, Imogen Heap “Hide and Seek”, “Say goodnight and go”, Eberg “Inside Your Head” ect, ect… It was the perfect show and as much as i try i can’t find any other show i’d like so much… I’d love to watch something else but i always end up watching the o.c. all over again…. 🙂
    i love this scene, it gives away so much emotion 🙂

  16. Denzel Says:

    Perfect… that was the best finale ever but also one of the saddest ive cried smiled laughed and even worried throughout all 4 seasons and everytime i watch that i always shead a tear.. I also love the music in the oc they find the perfect songs and i love this site for posting them so i can download them i listen to them over and over again i love this show i wish it never stopped. THE OC IS AMAZING BRING IT BACK!!! plzzz
    Anyone who is with me and would lke to chat with me keep blogging put the name denzel at the end of your letter so i know its for me thanx.

  17. s. Says:

    BEST EPISODE EVERRR!!! it was soo sad. i bawled my eyes when ryan left.


  18. Jazzy Says:

    OHhhhh i cried soo much on that episode

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