First of all, the Save The OC blog reached a new 9 month high last month (January). Since The OC has been over things have slowed down quite dramatically here, and seeing such an increase in traffic to the site is very promising. Oh, and the site got over 41,000 pageviews during last month btw 🙂 Thanks for making it happen!

Ben McKenzie’s movie “88 Minutes” with Al Pacino now has an official site: Go give it a visit, it looks pretty awesome! And, this could be Ben’s biggest break since The OC ended. Below are a few captures from the movie. Enjoy!


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9 Comments on “BEN MCKENZIE: “88 MINUTES” TO LIVE!”

  1. amine Says:

    I Really enjoyed that movie. Al pacino was great, and the one thing that i loved about the movie was that you suspected everyone of the crime. Everyone was a suspect in your eyes. Even though Ben only had little screentime, he gave one hell of a performance. And showed that he had different sides, which he already did in junebug:)

    Anyways, Thank you very much for updating the site daily and keeping us informed. It speeded up the healing process^^. And i’m really looking forward to ”Johnny Got His Gun”

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  2. Florian Says:

    In Germany/Austria the movie is already available on DVD (but it never was shown in theatres).
    That is why I don’t think it’s a quality movie…

  3. OC Fan.x Says:

    I Watched The Trailer And It Looks Good.
    Whether Or Not I’ll See It Is A Different Matter Lol
    Still -Ben Look Like He Does Give A Good Performance.

  4. MAJU Says:

    i`ve just watched the trailer in the movie oficial site, it looks very interesting… i don`t know when i can have the chance to see the movie… here everything is late. thanks sheldon for all the information. is very apreciate…

    well, see ya
    MAju from Argetina

  5. Rudolph Says:

    I’ve seen it as well. It’s mediocre I guess. Not the best film ever made, not a waste of time. Sadly, Ben just got around maybe 2 or 3 minutes throughout the whole movie but still, it’s good to see him on the (big) screen. 🙂

  6. celia Says:

    Ben was in the movie for less than 10 minutes, but he did okay. His character was quite different from Ryan Atwood.

  7. ben=love Says:

    BEN GETS HOTTER EVERY TIME I SEE HIM (In pictures anyway, I wish my tragic self could meet him)

  8. Pia Says:

    AWESOME, finally it gets on the big screen…. Can wait till its land in Denmark ;o)
    Cute pics ^^

  9. emma Says:

    it wasn’t a very good film, ben was amazing in it asusual though!

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