Mischa was recently seen driving a golf cart on set of an unknown filming project. Thanks to Mischa-B for the images.


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  1. xicofixas Says:

    probably its the movie homecoming http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1135500/

  2. Ciara Says:

    finally!!! she died her hair darker i couldent stand her dark roots. She looks so pretty. OC 4 EVR

  3. John Says:

    nothing to do with this picture but i just wondered if anyone knew if the OC would be coming out on blu-ray disc?

  4. monisek Says:

    yay for a new movie! :]] I’ll kind of miss her extensions, though.

    WOW, can’t believe it’s a year now since the OC is over. time FLIESSS. :-O
    I still still love OC as much as back then, anyway. 😀

  5. oc forever Says:

    i just rewatched the dvd of the series finale and i sobbed and sobbed for two hours. this has been the most miserable year of my entire life!!! i still have this one tiny hope that the oc might come back one day and we can save it, and even if people call me a fool, im not giving up!!!!

  6. name Says:

    she looks funny, and not in a good way

  7. Duarte Says:

    why didn’t you make a reference to the show yesterday? It has made a year since The OC has been canceled. Me and my friends made a minute of silence in honor of The OC. I was hopping you would refer it here 😦

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