The 22 February 2008 marked the first year anniversary of The OC’s last appearance on U.S television. The OC series finale, which drew in over 6 million viewers, aired on 22 February 2007 – exactly a year ago. The title of the episode was “The End’s Not Near, It’s Here”.

I have decided to post some screenc aptures of the special moments that occured during the final episode ever. Enjoy!


P.S. Sorry for the lack of updates over the last few days and the delay with this very important post, life has been hectic over the past 4 days. Please bare with me.

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  1. xicofixas Says:

    great work

  2. Ciara Says:

    awww. so sad I miss it sooooo much!!!! OC 4 EVER

  3. monisek Says:

    Aw *tears* I will never get over OC. NEVER!
    Still owns my heart, the freaking best show ever! period.

  4. Iloveben Says:

    awww, i miss you ryan atwood 😦

  5. amine Says:

    ”Hey kid, need some help?”
    That line always pops up in my head;(
    Saddest episode ever and also the best episode ever….
    The O.C. STILL the best show out there!

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  6. Bobby Says:

    Looks like their are still some great fans out their. All we can do now is keep the memory of the O.C. alive. Keep up the great work on this website.

  7. cindy Says:

    Pourquoi ne pas essayer de regrouper tous les fans de tous les pays pour financer le film??????????? Avec pour titre: Et si Marissa n’était pas morte????

    I miss you Newportbeach.

    La meilleure des séries avec Roswell

  8. m.m. Says:

    Im from estonia, and The O.C is still running here, second season is almoust over. I have seen all 4 seasons, and its so sad that its over:'( It was..IS best show ever. It´s typical teenage show, but still it´s THE BEST!!! Hot boys, beautiful girls, great soundtracks…just great:)

  9. Hanne Says:

    Save The O.C,, that show means very much to me!!
    THE O.C!!! it’s my favorite show!!
    I LOVE IT!! i wish the show never’d end!!!
    Its my live!!

  10. Tyler Marshall Says:

    OMG, ive now seen every episode of the OC 23 times, i still cant ge tover it, it ?IS the best show to EVER hit television. god bless the creators!!!!

  11. Tiffany Nichols Says:

    they should bring back the OC!!
    I still watch the old epoisides i wish they would come out with new ones!!

  12. Tiffany Nichols Says:

    To the maker of this site, can i put the save the OC on my sites please email me back and let me now!!

  13. Anon Says:

    OMG The OC was the best thing ever to be aired
    ….no other show could ever replace it
    ….it is absolutely wonderful

    i wish it never ended ….i don’t know how i live without it??

    I have watched all 4 seasons many times
    ….misss it soo much 😦

  14. alex a anthraper Says:

    i will be missing “THE OC” through out my life time.,,,,,,,,,

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