Rachel Bilson was seen sporting a new hairstyle in Tokyo yesterday, 26 February 2007 while promoting the release of “Jumper” in Tokyo cinema’s. What does everyone think of it? Hot or not? I personally think that she looks cute in the group pictures, her hair looks a little weird when the camera is zoomed up onto her.


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  1. head-newpsie Says:

    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! Suits her beautifully, I love it, love, love, love, love, love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. amine Says:

    It’s okay I guess, but that’s only because she’s so freakin’ hot:D
    Rachel, you got a nice forehead! Don’t hide it!:P

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  3. Sarah Says:

    UAU!! she’s just amazing!! Love It!

  4. Melinda (Biggest Oc Fan Ever) Says:

    Its alright…she kinda looks like mischa
    Its not the best but she still looks great

  5. ciara Says:

    love it!!

  6. daniel Says:

    i love rachel bilson..but the fringe must go

  7. Antje Says:

    I don´t like it…

  8. name Says:


  9. aishah Says:

    rachel looks adorable! but the bangs are just too big for her cute little face i guess

  10. Amy Says:

    I think the hair looks good

  11. Dolcebaby5 Says:

    i think she looks gorgeous!!! she is soo hot but yes i agree… she looks better in the group pics… SHE IS SOO CUTE

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