Some hot gossip: Mischa Barton won’t be joining the cast of CW’s Gossip Girl.

TV Guide reported that Barton, 22, had been approached to play Georgina Sparks, an old friend of reformed party girl Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively).

But her rep tells, “She will not be on the show. She was approached, but her reps passed.”

Barton is now in Paris attending Fashion Week and promoting her upcoming drama Closing the Ring.

The actress — who was charged with DUI and marijuana possession this past week from a December arrest — last appeared on the Fox hit The O.C. Her character was killed off in 2006.

Despite rumors that she was ready to leave, she told Newsweek it was the producers’ decision to write her off the show.

“But I really think it’s best to do movies now,” she said at the time.

I personally think the decision is a slap in the face for both Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, they are the people who ultimately made her famous because they decided to cast her on The OC, but now when they offer her a role in their new show, she turns it down. I don’t know what to think. What is everyone else’s points of view?

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  1. Daniel Says:

    Honestly, mischa has just become stupid. I mean everyone loved the oc because of her…she made the show…and since leaving she has done squat…been to parties…got arrested…done a few fashion shoots…but seriously nothin!! she has fizzled out of the limelight…this could be a huge break for her to get her acting back up again!
    all i can say is she should have jumped at the oppurtunity to be on gossip girl which is the best show ever…and may even be better than oc one day!! ( I know hard to believe) but she is just become stupid…sorry mischa but u have!

  2. head-newpsie Says:

    Personally I think it could’ve been good for her career. Like Daniel said, WTF has she done?

    Gossip Girl will never be as good as The O.C. – and that’s a FACT!

  3. Matt Says:


  4. Melinda (Biggest Oc Fan Ever) Says:

    I do think its a slap in the face too.
    Despite the rumours, I belive Josh is the one that fired her, I dont believe that Mischa quit.
    I do like the Show Gossip Girl…and when i read that Mischa turned down the role, I was a little
    dissappointed because it would of been interesting to see her on there. But i totally forgot that
    the producer was that i know that..Im glad she turned it down. If he fired her from the
    Oc, then Mishca did a good thing by turning it down. Gossip Girl was very popular when it came out
    all my friends were watchin it…but they kept switching the day and times that i lost track and
    stopped watchin it…so if Mischa did consider the offer it would of made the ratings go up and thats
    why i think is the only reason why Josh offered her the role..and im glad she turned it down.. because
    now Gossip Girl can go the oc did..
    Good Job Mishca
    and Haha Josh..thats what u get…Karmas a b**** eh

  5. Beck Says:

    I think Mischa does not owe Josh a thing! Just because he produced the O.C that became so popular does not mean Mischa owes him! It was popular because she was on the show!

    I think she would have been famous anyway on some other t.v show without the O.C anyway but the O.C just so happened to be the show that she hit it big in.
    Josh is not some heroic carrer starter-he is juts a guy thats good at producing films- its the actors that make the show and they should not feel obligated to do things for the producers when it was them who did the hard work to be so famous!

    Anyway thats just my opinion. You go Mischa!

  6. OC Fan.x Says:

    I Think The OC Did Make Mischa Famous And That Actually Offering Her A Job Was Nice Of The Producers.

    However I Do Think Its Her Choice Whether She Wants To Work On Something Or Not.

    But Since Shes Not Really Done Anything Since The OC I Think She Was A Bit Stupid Not To Jump At The Chance Of Being Offered A Job – Especially Since These Are The People That Gave Her Her Break In The Beginning.

  7. monisek Says:

    Aw, well done, Mischa! It’s a payback time!! 😀

  8. Beck Says:

    Umm, shes done like 4 movies- what do u call that? You dont see making movies as work? Plus whats with the caps lock overload?

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