You guys voted for more Benjamin Mckenzie news, so here it is… 😉

I’ve managed to get more photo’s of Ben at the Obama rally at the Texas University:

benmc2.jpg bgallery.jpg image9.jpg image5.jpg image7.jpg image8.jpg image15.jpg

The Barack Obama campaign hosted a rally at Revolution’s Cafe in historic downtown Bryan on Friday, February 29th. The event featured Ben McKenzie, star of FOX’s teen drama “The O.C.” and Kerry Washington, who starred in “Ray” and other major motion pictures. Here are these pictures:

05.jpg 32.jpg 17.jpg

Thanks to Loveben @ Livejournal for letting me know about these additional pictures of the rally’s.

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  1. m.m. Says:

    how can one guy be so hot?!:)oh man:)

  2. head-newpsie Says:

    I completely agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben personifies HOT!!!!

  3. m.m. Says:

    too bad that i dont live in Texas:( Then the chance to see him in person, would be bigger:)

  4. Tony Says:

    Love the O.C!!!!!!!!! I went to school with Ben, But can’t stand Obama. My older brother has served in Iraq a couple of times and the stories he tell are no fun. Obama said that president Bush made up all that stuff about Alqeda, but my brother told me that is a bunch of crap, and Alqeda is alive and well in Iraq. I Love the O.C. and love this website.

  5. Bobby Says:

    I agree with u Tony, but I love the O.C. and if Ben wants to help a guy out with his popularity so be it. I’m not one to judge.

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