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So many questions, so little time. When did Mischa Barton become so blond? Why does she have a hippie headband on? Where in the world did she get those crazy clothes? But the most pressing question remains: Who is that new guy she’s making out with?

This isn’t the first time we’ve spotted the duo out and about — they went to Chateau Marmont together on February 19 — but this full-on PDA-palooza pretty much cements Mr. Mysterious as Mischa’s main man.

Kudos, Mischa, way better looking than Cisco Adler — from head to… toe. – Source.

Apparently the guy that Mischa is with, is a member of ‘Rooney’ – If you don’t know who that is, it’s the band which performed in the season 1 episode “The Third Wheel”.

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15 Comments on “MISCHA BARTON’S NEW MAN?!”

  1. monisek Says:

    Aw, how cool is that? they were at their concert on The OC and now they’re dating. btw, that ep wasn’t called The L.A. it was The Third Wheel. 😉

  2. savetheoc Says:

    ^ Was it? Oh, my bad 😀

  3. amine Says:

    She looks very cute in the first pic.
    I wish I was the one sitting next to her:(
    ohh wel…:P
    But anyways, COME ON PEOPLE!!! VOTE!!!!! It’s neck to neck!!!
    Come on!! It would be nice if we got 200 votes. Let’s make it happen!!!

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  4. MJ Says:

    Rooney is an awesome band, very cool! Much improved Mischa! Hahaha… best of luck to them…

  5. ben=love Says:

    What is it with Mischa and men? She never picks really good, all round guys. Well this is the best BF I’ve seen her with yet.

    Your right, Rooney is an AWESOME band and I love a lot of their music, so hopefully this one can work for Mischa!

  6. Matt Says:


  7. kirsty Says:

    IT’s Taylor Lock(e…….i think …….. the guy wive mischa !

  8. Beck Says:

    Good on you Mischa, so hes not a supermodel or oil billionaire but so what! He looks pretty nice and wholesome- qualities every girl deserves and should look for in a guy. I like the new look-she is soo better a blonde!
    Enjoy life girl!

  9. Rudolph Says:

    They came right out of the 60th or 70th, huh? 😀 It’s good that she found a rather handsome, normal guy, she deserves a good and stable relationship with someone normal. 🙂

  10. Jimbo Says:

    lol, and the guy in the foreground of the third pic looks like Volchuck

  11. Stanley Says:

    Rooney was all over the O.C. and their a good band so i totally approve! A step up from cisco addler!

  12. ben=love Says:

    LMAO That dude so does look like Volchok.

  13. Korbyn Lofgren Says:

    Omg marrisa is a hippie now 😦

  14. ben=love Says:

    Er…Korbyn Lofgren, her name is Mischa. Marissa was her character on The O.C.

  15. Beck Says:

    HAHA! Marissa lol!
    its kinda like Volchock i guess…. but who cares if she is a hippie! she looks happy- i guess thats all that matters wether your a star or not 🙂

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