Thanks to Completely-Ben, I have managed to get hold of 2 candid HQ pictures which were taken of Ben on 6 March 2008. He doesn’t look very happy to see the paparazzi.

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  1. man Says:

    His jeans are awful 😐

  2. Matt Says:

    i more fresh than he is in this pic!

  3. MJ Says:

    Ouch… yeah those jeans are pretty bad. lol

  4. Mat Says:

    He could ask some advices for rachel about the jeans ^^

  5. name Says:

    he looks so uncool, i cant believe that is the say guy that played ryan atwood

  6. ben=love Says:

    I must say, his attire is pretty nasty, lol. But what a relief it is to get some news on my beloved Ben!

  7. anita Says:

    He doesn’t care about fashion and that’s one of the things I like about him. It’s not that important to him.

  8. ben=love Says:

    Totally Anita. I mean after all – he is a guy! Fashion should be the last thing on his mind. Ben just keep doing what you’re doing! I still LOVE you!

  9. MJ Says:

    “I mean after all – he is a guy! Fashion should be the last thing on his mind.”

    Saddest, most horrendous thing I’ve ever read.

  10. savetheoc Says:

    Haha, I think it’s the fact that the pictures are High Quality that we’re noticing the smallest details. I, myself didn’t like his jeans when I first saw them aswell.

  11. clementine1792 Says:

    awwwww ben!!

  12. m.m. Says:

    what??!! You´re looking the jeans..camoon:D the man is hot, and you´re looking jeans?????!!!:D who gives a sh*t what his wearing, the man is HOT!!!:)

  13. ben=love Says:

    m.m. YES! The man is a wonder. An astounding looking man. HOT does not personify what our Ben is. LOL.

    And about your comment MJ, I mean he should be focusing on better things, like HIS NEXT PROJECT. Not what he’s wearing for a stroll or whatever he was doing. LOL. BEN DO SOMETHING. I NEED YOU ON MY SCREEN.

  14. Pia Says:

    Great to see Ben out and about ;o)

    Have to agree completely with ben=love ^^

    To Sheldon, these pics are actually some off the newa i found off him last time i was surfing the Internet… Glad that you got them anyway ;o)

  15. m.m. Says:

    Ben=love : true, we need him on our screen…well actaully he is on my screen, because The O.C is running here, estonia..3rd season is starting;) cant get enough of him:)

  16. ben=love Says:

    Oh you lucky thing! The O.C. has finished in my country. But I watch like 10 episodes every day from all four awesome seasons. Literally. The O.C. is my life. I love it more than anything in the world. Even my family! I’m a tad weird…but I’m sure a lot of you can relate to what an affect The O.C. has on us!!!! 😀

  17. m.m. Says:

    well i have all 4 season in my laptop, so i have seen it all, and still watch it every saturday and sunday on tv and sometimes even on my comp. And i have to say that O.C is my life too:) Cant belive still, that one show can be so good..and everbody is saying that its like beverly hills 91201(or what ever that was)..but its not…i didnt like beverly hills. The O.C is way better(Y):)

  18. ben=love Says:

    Totally! The O.C. is DEFINITELY WAY BETTER!

  19. Ciara Says:

    even though he looks pissed at the paparazzi hes still hot!!!!

  20. ben=love Says:

    Ciara, you speak…or type, lol, logic.

  21. Pia Says:

    The OC forever. To Ben=love where are you from?? Its me Pia from Denmark me with the cute dog Luna, remember ;o)

    By the way the movie 88 minutes just got out on dvd here, have it, but cant see it before tomorrow, cant wait ,o)

  22. brian Says:

    He definitely does not look too happy to see the paparazzi, to say the least. Looks like he is so pissed he might take off running after the guy. I wouldn’t want to be the guy with the camera.

  23. marrissa Says:

    ben is so hot save the o.c.! bring it back!

  24. Sarah Says:

    is he married??

  25. Karley Woods Says:


  26. Lisa Oborka Says:

    i come from germany(hannover)….i look every day o.c.california…..i love it and ben….he is sooo sweet and sexy,in my dreams is he my boyfriend^^sorry but i like him so much.ben ich liebe dich!liebe grüße Lisa

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