Supervisors rename many of the county’s departments to include the OC brand made famous by a television show, TheO.C.
By Christian Berthelsen, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
March 19, 2008
Seeking to capitalize on its TV fame as America’s quintessential suburb, Orange County moved to rename its government functions Tuesday with slicked-up, simplified names to remind everyone of exactly where they are: The OC!
County supervisors voted to rename 11 departments and agencies and create two new ones, all with the “OC” brand made famous by the now-defunct television show of the same name, thus jettisoning the clunky bureaucratic nomenclature of the past. Example: the Integrated Waste Management Department — it processes trash — will become OC Waste and Recycling!In its thirst for hipster cred, the county has apparently chosen to eschew punctuation: There will be no periods after the O or the C. (For the record, the title of the TV show, which went off the air a year ago, had them.)The idea was to simplify county government for people and make it more accessible. The changes also included a reorganization of some departments and agencies to make those that deal most directly with the public — such as parks, animal shelters and libraries — more user-friendly.Supervisors adopted name changes for eight departments in a single unanimous vote, then took a series of votes on the rest to adopt or discard proposed name changes.The noncontroversial: OC Dana Point Harbor, OC Infrastructure, OC Community Services, OC Housing, OC Planning, OC Road & Flood. Also created were OC Public Works and OC Community Resources.

Waste Management was supposed to become OC Landfills, but the supervisors trashed that idea in favor of OC Waste and Recycling. OC Animal Shelter became OC Animal Care. And since OC Asset Management sounded too much like a hedge fund, that became OC Facilities.

It’s just so unreal to see what a huge effect and symbol The O.C. actually played in Orange County. It bascially put OC on the map, and this just looks like a bit of appreciateion from the Orange County supervisors.

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  1. MJ Says:

    Wowwww hahaha that is hysterical.

  2. m.m. Says:

    wow. that´s great, i think:)

  3. ben=love Says:

    Awwww! That made my day, definitely!

  4. Ciara Says:

    OMG thats so great. The oc has contributed to sooo many things these past few years

  5. calispo kelly Says:

    go to my blog
    I love your blog

  6. amine Says:

    HA-HA-HA, it’s actually funny, because The O.C. was first going to be named The Orange County. But for some reason, I don’t remember what it was(I think the name was already taken or something), they changed it into The O.C.
    But anyways, it’s nice to see that The O.C. is still in memorial and get’s the credit it deserves. Because it was ”One Heck Of a Show!”

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

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