Question: Your Favourite Guest Relationship?

Answers: Luke/Marissa, Marissa/Alex, Anna/Seth, Lindsay/Ryan, –

Alex/Seth, Zach/Summer, Volchuk/Marissa.

Number of Votes: 177 – up 1 vote from previous week.


1st Place – Anna/Seth – 74 Votes

2nd Place – Marissa/Alex – 25 Votes

3rd Place – Alex/Seth – 24 Votes

4th Place – Lindsay/Ryan – 21 Votes

5th Place – Volchuk/Marissa – 14 Votes

6th Place – Zach/Summer – 10 Votes

7th Place – Luke/Marissa – 09 Votes

A huge thanks to everybody who voted, we are up once again from the previous 2 weeks, lets keep the voting coming. The new poll will be up soon. Please make sure you vote when it is released, thanks! 🙂

Suggest your own poll HERE! and we may use it!

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16 Comments on “LAST WEEK’S POLL RESULTS: POLL #5”

  1. fiesty Says:

    This poll was fun. I just had two things to say. Yay for the results because all that comes to mind is Anna’s voice saying “confidence cohen”. That really helped with Seth’s growth as a character.
    Second, I think I could say I was a fan of the Ryan/Sadie relationship. I thought they had a lot in common, much more than Ryan/Lindsay did.

  2. ben=love Says:

    Ryan and Lindsay were a nasty piece of work man. Ew! 😐

    So glad Anna/Seth won. They were very cute together!

  3. Beck Says:

    Ryan and Lindsay?!! why the hell were they even on the poll! By far the hottest relationship was Marissa and Volchok- talk about heating it up!

  4. m.m. Says:

    To Fiesty: I have to agree with you on Sadie/Ryan relationship, they really were great together, and Ryan was genuinely happy with her:) well actually, he was happy with Lindsay and Taylor too… just with Marissa ..there was always somekind of trouble:( But i voted aswell for Anna/Seth so, good that they won:)

  5. savetheoc Says:

    I really didn’t have a problem with the Sadie/Ryan relationship, I was just too attatched to the whole Ryan/Marissa relationship. To me, nothing ever seems right to me unless its Ryan/Marissa together.

  6. Pia Says:

    My words exactly Sheldon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Pia Says:

    Hey again Sheldon,

    Just found some Ben news right now actually ;o)

    Found it on PHOTOBUCKET and X17.

    He attended a birthday bash on march 25 in West Hollywood and he had a very BLOND girl with him and a new car a Beemer X5 so sadly not his hip Infinity… Thouhgt you might wandted these news ;o)

  8. Pia Says:

    I’ve tried to find out who the girl his with is…. But not one i’ve seen much… Could she be one off the characthers from Gossip Girl????

  9. savetheoc Says:

    Pia, great minds think alike 😉

    Thanks for the news about Ben, it’s appreciated!

  10. m.m. Says:

    Sheldon: i like Marissa/Ryan aswell more then anybody else, but if you look, then it is like that, that with Marissa, there were always (well not always:P) somekind of truoble, but with Sadie..he was really happy.:)

  11. savetheoc Says:

    That is true m.m Marissa always had troubles and dragged Ryan into them (most of the time), but, i think it’s the trouble that makes everything interesting, lol.

  12. fiesty Says:

    I’m still coming to terms with the idea that Ryan/Lindsay came in 4th. She just seemed like an awkward character. I’m just happy that Johnny wasn’t in this poll.

  13. m.m. Says:

    yeah, that made it interesting:)

  14. Pia Says:

    Youre more than welcome sweetie ;o) Glad i can help ^^ Like to help you ;o)

    Sheldon, have to admit that you and i actually are Great Minds… And we also seem to agree a hole lot about the OC in general ,o)

  15. savetheoc Says:

    Yeah, I agree Pia. It’s nice to share the same opinions as someone else, especially about The OC 😉

    BTW everyone, the poll that is running now will carry on for an extra day, it will end on Tuesday. So you guys can keep voting until Tuesday.

  16. Pia Says:

    Yeap.. so true ^^ I still cant get over the fact, that they didnt end up together… Still find that statement extremely sad, even though he cleaned up good ;o) Still think they belonged together…

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