Question: Your Favourite OC Location?

Answers: The Pier, The Crab Shack, The Bait Shop, The Lifeguard Tower, The Harbor School

Number of Votes: 140 – Down 70 votes from previous week.


1st Place – The Pier– 69 Votes

2nd Place – The Bait Shop – 34 Votes

3rd Place – The Harbor School – 29 Votes

4th Place – The Crab Shack – 8 Votes

5th Place – The Lifeguard Tower – 0 Votes

Thanks to everyone who voted. The next poll will be up shortly. Please help me by suggesting future polls for me to choose, im out of ideas. You can suggest in the comments or on the forums here. Thanks 😉

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  1. rene Says:

    it rele sucked! i tried to vote for the lifeguard tower like evryday but it wouldnt let me! 😦

  2. daniel Says:

    me to! but it wouldnt work…love the marissa life guard scenes!

  3. daniel Says:

    Sheldon, what about this for a poll?
    who was your favourite of Ryan’s girlfriends:
    1. Theresa
    2. Marissa
    3. Sadie
    4. Lindsay
    5. Mabye chloe if u want to rephrase the question…

    Or your favourite kiss?
    1. Alex and Marissa wet once Marissa told Alex she told Julie she was a Lesbian (Rainy day women)
    2. Spiderman kiss- Seth n summer (Rainy day women)
    cant really think of more…but i know there are

    or who is ur favourite of marissas flames?
    1. Ryan
    2. Oliver
    3. Alex
    4. Luke
    5. Volchock

  4. savetheoc Says:

    Is that why there were 0 votes for it? oopsie, sorry guys 😦 Im sure all of the links for this poll are working.

    Thanks for the ideas daniel, I will definitley keep them in mind for the next few polls 😉

  5. jordan Says:

    ya those r pretty good ideas daniel

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