After a week or so without any Rachel Bilson news, we’re happy to say that Rachel does still exist and we’ve got some new news, a video infact. Rachel was seen yesterday going to buy food at Indian food shops in LA. She’s such a cutie. You have to see the video!

Watch the video of Rachel out and about here!

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  1. aishah Says:

    Yayy i miss rachel! She IS such a cutie! Never get tired of smiling and ooh i lovee her jacket!

  2. Mat Says:

    God she’s so sweet and georgeous!
    her smile is just perfect!=]

  3. jordan Says:

    WOW so awesome the way she keeps her body like that

  4. ben=love Says:

    Aw, Rachel is awesome. 😀

  5. jordan Says:

    berthe did u just call her a slut u bitch

  6. David Says:

    I think people like Berthe are just jealous for Rachel be that perfect

  7. jordan Says:

    tru tru

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