Adam was seen grabbing himself some coffee in Vancouver, Canada on 7 April 2008. He looked like he was doing a re-enactment of The OC Season 3 scene where Summer bought her and Seth the same coat for when they go off to Brown. The last image is priceless btw 😀


Oh, Huge thanks to for the images!

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  1. monalisa Says:

    i love mr.brody.

  2. queen Says:

    how cool. i cant wait for this sounds intersting.

  3. sanya Says:

    the last image is so funny.thats exactly what seth does.

  4. ben=love Says:

    So freakin’ hot! 😉 God, I love him…

    BUT! Where is my Ben?! 😀

  5. koko Says:

    ben-love ,your bens movie is in theater this it.i love adam.

  6. Amy Says:


  7. m.m. Says:

    funny guy 🙂

  8. jordan Says:

    yes finally im canadian amd its nice to see him her but its not that cold

  9. Nikki Says:

    I love when that boy smiles.

  10. rita Says:

    they posted megan foxs on sets pics.when we will going to see his.

  11. Nicolas Says:

    Do anyone know what brand his jacket is ??

  12. Dave Says:

    Ya, I was wondering who made his jacket too

  13. nicole Says:

    i met him and shook his hand in hollywood !

  14. Chancy Says:

    What is the brand name of the coat he is wearing. I WANT IT. ITS THE COAT IVEBEEN LOOKING FOR SOMEONE PLEASE TELL MEMEMEMEMEMEM!!!

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